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Training and Development

IJC strongly believes in the importance of building human capital to uphold the high teaching and learning standards in our college.

In addition to the training teachers would receive by attending courses and conferences held outside of college, IJC also dedicates time and resources to in-house training programmes to ensure that our teachers are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help our students in academic and non-academic areas. There are brown bag sessions running throughout the year where teachers can attend the sharing and training of pedagogical strategies and ICT tools. There is also the annual Staff Development Day held in June to allow the cross-pollination of good teaching practices across subjects. Respective departments and committees will also run in-house workshops such as civics tutor workshops, counselling skills, facilitation skills, student leadership development, and mentoring skills for specific staff segments to help them better handle their diverse teaching responsibilities.

Teaching is a dynamic profession so it is key to provide customised and relevant training opportunities for all our staff.