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Staff Welfare

lJC fervently champions the holistic development and care for all staff which is why the Staff Wellbeing Committee conducts exciting activities all year round. This is to ensure that the staff are well taken care of physically, socially, and emotionally.

The monthly Healthy Snack Week supplies the staff with a nutritious and delicious snack every month such as fruits, cereal bars, and health drinks followed by a simple quiz about the nutritional value of the snack so that the staff can participate to win prizes.

Vendors who sell healthy foods and conduct health checks are also invited to set up booths in the college several times in a year.

We have termly Staff Bonding Activities conducted during protected time where the staff can take their minds off of work to socialise with one another while carrying out fun-filled activities such as Aikido, Zumba, foam-rolling, waffle-making, photography, a talk on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese seal carving. These activities are changed termly to cater to the diverse interests of the staff.

JCl and JC2 teachers will go for a bonding and learning outing once a year with their colleagues in the respective cohorts during curriculum time.

The annual Staff Lunch at the end of Term 3 is a time when all IJC staff can gather to enjoy good food, company and entertainment while they vie for the Best Dressed Award in their elaborate thematic outfits.

The highly anticipated annual Staff Bonding Day at the end of every year takes our hardworking staff out of the classrooms and meeting rooms for a full day of fun while engaging in special activities such as laser tag, miniature golf, ukulele lessons, Room Raiders, art jamming and bubble soccer.