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Assessment Schedule



JC2 Common Test 1

T1W5 to T1W6

JC2 Term Examination

T1W9 & T2W1

JC2 Common Test 2

T2W6 to T2W7

JC2 Mid-Year Examination

T2W10 & T3W1 to T3W2

A-Level Mother Tongue B Mid-Year Examination (Written)

*30 May

A-Level Mother Tongue B Examination (Oral)

*3 Jul

A-Level Mother Tongue B Examination (Listening Comprehension)

*18 Jul

JC2 Preliminary Examination

T3W8 to T3W10


A-level Computing Practical

*3 Oct

A-Level Foreign Languages Oral Examination

*10 Oct to 12 Oct

A-level Science Practical

*15 Oct to 25 Oct

A-level Written Examination

*5 Nov to 6 Dec

*Dates for A-level are tentative and will be confirmed by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board in Feb 2018. For updates, please refer to https://www.seab.gov.sg/home