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Project Work

Academic Programmes

Customized Thinking Framework

The REFLECT and IDEATE framework guides the students in critical and creative thinking. Students are taught to think critically by assessing the scope and depth of issues, while creative thinking is demonstrated when innovative solutions are proposed in order to address a chosen problem. The application of the REFLECT and IDEATE framework is relevant and essential throughout the PW process. The tools within the framework are adapted from established thinking models, and customized to suit the requirements of the PW subject.

Oral Presentation Clinic

The OP Clinic lectures are conducted to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of previous OP student presenters. In terms of their individual presentation styles, group effectiveness and the use of audio-visual aids. Students are familiarized with the assessment criteria for OP by simulating the role of an OP assessor and grading student presenters on their performance. Following the session, students then seek to develop their own presentation styles. Students refine their presentation skills in subsequent tutorials, where their respective Supervising Tutors coach them to present fluently and clearly, to be able to connect with an audience and to respond to questions effectively.

lCT-infused Learning

Visually lmpactful Presentations Workshop

Students are equipped with digital literacy skills involved in preparing a visually effective presentation, from selection of suitable thematic templates to designing their own infographic organizers. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to analyze and process survey data and present statistics in a clear and effective manner, thereby increasing the readability of their Written Report and aesthetic appeal of their Oral Presentation.
Note: Project Work is not offered in 2018 because Innova Junior College is not taking in JC1 students in 2018.