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Physical Education


The Role of Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) plays an important role in the physical growth and development of students. Through PE, the department hopes to develop a positive attitude towards the pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle among students. PE also provides an avenue for students to develop an appreciation for a variety of sports and games.

Developing Competencies Through Sports

PE encourages students to develop self-management, social skills and 2lst Century Competencies. Furthermore. PE promotes the desired outcomes of education, such as the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork. resilience and mental fortitude.

Customising PE Programmes

By customising PE programmes based on the needs and interests of students, opportunities for learning and growth are provided through sports. For instance. Games Elective Modules enable students to participate in a sport of their interest. These modules culminate in a competitive sport event called Agon Nova (Competition Amongst the Stars). In addition, students also have opportunities to experience sports enrichment programmes such as Bowling and Dragon Boating.

The Health & Wellness programme was introduced to educate and assist students in weight management.

Using ICT in PE


ICT is also used in PE Iessons to improve students' skills and increase their confidence in sports participation. For instance. the mobile phone application encourages peer evaluation through slow-motion video playback. notes and drawings so that students' sports performance could be improved.