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Mother Tongue Languages


Academic Programmes

In view of the new emphasis by MOE after the Mother Tongue Review in 2010, teachers in the MTL department collectively re-engineered teaching and learning practices to ensure that they are synchronised with the Ministry's focus on nurturing 'Active Learners' and 'Proficient Users' (乐学善用)

Apart from revitalising the pedagogical approach and incorporating new media to engage students, the department teachers also place a significant emphasis on experiential learning. This has allowed students to learn from a culturally enriched environment enabling them to interact with other Mother Tongue users both locally and during overseas immersion trips. A series of expert workshops, learning journeys and immersion trips to heritage sites and museums have been organised by the three Mother Tongue units.

We believe that our students' mother tongue proficiency will improve if they can use their mother tongues frequently in their daily life. We also recognise that the mastery of mother tongues will improve if our students have more chances to transfer their learning to others. To begin with this end in mind, we strive to create opportunities for our students to use their mother tongues in campus, e.g. during the morning broadcast, during their interaction with the visiting SM2 scholars from China and during cultural fortnights where they share with their peers traditional cuisines, art and heritage. Able students are also selected to take part in internal and external competitions.

The MTL department also recognises the importance of collaborating with parents to achieve a better educational outcome for their child. We not only engaged them in our college programme, but also invited parents of the outstanding alumni to share their views and experiences.

In a nutshell, the MTL department will seize every opportunity to make the learning of Mother Tongues an engaging and meaningful programme for all Innovians

ICT-infused Learning

In the MTL classroom, it is not remote to see the students making use of ICT tools to collaborate and learn. Subject tutors and lecturers alike use ICT as a leverage to enhance the students' engagement and interest in the learning of MTL.