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English Language


Academic Programmes

Clinic and Clinic Plus

The General Paper Unit conducts yearly supplementary and developmental programmes called Clinic and Clinic Plus to provide support for the students who need help and stretch those with higher ability. These differentiated approaches allow the tutors to target specific strengths and weaknesses of Innovians to add value to their learning.

Teaching with Technology

Using ICT tor Engagement and Assessment for learning

A slew of ICT tools are used regularly to relay effective and engaging lessons. Understanding the profile of the current generation of students as digital natives, backchannel tools such as TodaysMeet and Padlet are regularly used in lessons to give a voice to every Innovian extending class discussions. These serve as important Assessment for Learning tools to check on students' learning and fine-tune teachers’ pedagogies. Communication tools such as Twitter, Evernote and Whatsapp are also creatively utilised to reach out to students to provide them with links to build content knowledge or give timely reminders for examination revision. To consolidate students’ learning, EL tutors use Google Docs regularly to provide feedback to improve students' essays. Students are also encouraged to consolidate their performance in their tests and examinations in Google Sheets to monitor their progress to encourage self-directed learning. This also provides specific focus in students' learning for tutors to work on to improve their weak areas.

Learning beyond the Syllabus: Enrichment

Innova Confident Communicators Programme

The ICON Programme is designed to develop students into dynamic, confident and effective communicators. This holistic programme gives our students a range of opportunities to hone their communication skills through various activities and competitions. Students go through selected interviews at the start of the year and successful applicants then become ICON ambassadors who undergo specific communications-related training. A committee of teachers (the ICON Committee) within the English Department oversee the programme and its activities and provide mentorship and guidance to each ICON Ambassador. With these developmental platforms, ICON Ambassadors represent the College at external competitions such as the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA). As an ICON Ambassador, students are given opportunities to be emcees or moderators in prestigious forums for several college events. 

In addition, ICON Ambassadors lead as role models as they champion excellent and confident communication in the English language for the student body to emulate. ICON Ambassadors serve as radio deejays in live radio broadcasting sessions across the college. Reaching out to our neighbours, ICON Ambassadors mentor younger students in secondary schools, where they facilitate public speaking workshops. This variety of opportunities offered within the ICON Programme brings our students' competencies in public speaking and effective communication to greater heights.

Innova's Past Achievements in the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)

YearName of Innova JC's RepresentativeAchievements
2010Karthik S/O PrathabanFinalist
2011Maria Teo Bee See Winner 
2012Brandon Hiirokazu Kobayashi Winner 
2013Shukul Raaj Kumar Finalist 
2015Felicia TeoFinalist
 2015Aamir Bana Semi-Finalist