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Values In Action Programme

Aligned to our college’s value of Humanity, the Values-In-Action Program (VIA) in IJC aims to provide authentic learning experiences for all Innovians to gain a deeper awareness of civic, social and environmental issues. Through these VIA experiences, student’s sense of social responsibility will be strengthen and they will be given the opportunities to realise the critical role of youth in community engagement and nation building.

Adopting the Design Thinking framework and Service Learning model, IJC’s VIA program provides a holistic education based on a student-centred and values-driven approach to develop student’s sense of empathy through service. 

Through the planning, implementation and reflection for the VIA projects, our students are developed into socially responsible citizens who actively leads others to contribute to building an inclusive society. These projects enhanced the positive relationships between themselves and others in the community to further strengthen the social cohesiveness in Singapore.