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Student Leadership Programme


The College prepares all students through camps and courses for them to learn and hone their leadership skills, so as to take up responsible roles in college and society. More importantly, students will learn to take charge of their life, as a leader in his/her own right.

For students with leadership potential, they will display their leadership qualities in different roles/capacities and bring about impact and influence on the student body. All student leaders must be a role model to the student body in the College. The experiences and responsibilities, which come with assuming leadership positions at different levels, aim to provide opportunities for all students at different platforms during their stay at lJC.

Student Leadership Trainings

Student leaders go through in-house leadership training camps and workshops conducted by professionals. These trainings provide the student leaders the necessary leadership skills according to their segmented needs.


Student Leadership Platforms

To give the students leaders first-hand experience at planning, developing teamwork and effective execution, student leaders from various groups and CCAs work together to organise key college events such as the Open House, JC1 Orientation and many other student related events. Through such platforms, they strive to generate a strong school spirit in the Innovian community.


All leaders will be developed in their leadership competencies through the Leadership Development Plan, which incorporates the vital competencies for effective leadership. This is a one-year developmental plan conducted through target setting, self-reflection and coaching by mentor-teachers as the students embark on leadership assignments and participate in leadership courses. Through the Leadership Development Plan, students are developed in their leadership competencies under the 3 domains of Intellectual Capacity, Teamwork and Drive.

With the guidance from their teacher mentor, student leaders will gain greater self-awareness, an important component in the social-emotional learning of students.

Student Leadership Acknowledgement

Certificates and awards are given to encourage students to excel in leadership through service to others. In recognition of their significant contributions, both college-based and external awards are provided.