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Malay Language Elective Programme

Penerus Wan‘san Gemilang. Pembentuk Budaya Cemerlong
(Championing Heritage, Architecturing Culture of Excellence)

This programme, offered by the Ministry of Education, is specially catered for students with an aptitude and a penchant for Malay Language & Literature. Students in the programme will attain a higher level of proficiency and a better understanding of the Malay language, literature and culture besides building up their leadership abilities through the various opportunities provided.

The programme leverages on New Media Arts to conduct enrichment activities such as journalism courses, multimedia production, literary publication and morning broadcasting. Cultural and language seminars, overseas immersion trips and literature camp are core tools for this programme.

Objectives of MLEP @ lJC

  1. To groom MLEP graduates to be effectively bilingual and able to contribute to the literary developments in Singapore and the region.
  2. To groom MLEP graduates to be leaders via the various training and exposures provided.       
  3. To ensure that students have a deep understanding of the Malay culture and practice and to be aware of the culture and practices of other races.
  4. To create opportunities for students to acquire relevant IT skills by using media and IT in the MLEP programmes for them to better appreciate the Malay language, literature and culture in a fun and creative way.

Criteria for Admission

1. Be Singapore Citizens;
2. Have done consistently well in school and have obtained outstanding overall results in the GCE O-Level Examinations;
3. Obtain at least an A2 in Malay or B3 in Higher Malay or B4 in Higher Malay with B3 in Malay Literature or equivalent;
4. Have a good record of co-curricular activities; and
5. Not currently be in receipt of any other MOE scholarship (except EESIS and ESIP).

It is compulsory at IJC for all MLEP students to offer H2 Malay Language & Literature (MLL).

Benefits of MLEP
Students joining MLEP will have: 
  • eligibility to apply for MOE Scholarship
  • bonus points for local university admission (for related courses)
  • opportunities to be enriched through participation in relevant enrichment activities
  • overseas immersion trips
  • language and cultural seminars
  • annual literary camp