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House System

The College uses the House system to foster team spirit and a sense of belonging in students and staff to the House and to the College at large. Membership of the House enhances the students' sense of identity and creates a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and cooperation. Every single student represents their House, be it in academic or sporting activities. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of pride in their House, working not only for themselves, but for others too. 


The 4 Houses in IJC are taken from the acronym S.T.A.R and each House represents a constellation:

The Archer is poised and well-mannered

The Bull is valiant and resilient

The Eagle is fearless and dominant

The Lionhead is strong and domineering

All JC1 students are allocated into the 4 Houses as soon as the Civics Groups are formed during Orientation  and they will remain in the same House throughout their college life as long as they remain in the same Civics Groups.  

There is a whole list of interesting and exciting Inter-House events scheduled throughout the years. The events come in different nature (e.g. sports, talents, academic) and there will be something for everyone to contribute in. Students and staff will have fun and unforgettable moments to complete against each other for the Overall Champion House Trophy.  The House System will be the uniquely-Innova-experience that completes the college life.