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Education and Career Guidance Programme

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage to successfully transit from school to further education or work. We aim to enable students to plan their education and career pathways effectively and to have a spirit of lifelong learning in order to prepare themselves for the working world.

The IJC ECG Programme focuses on education and career planning, clarifying one's career identity and developing information-gathering and decision-making skills. Students will acquire the skills needed to discover their career identity, explore various careers and higher education pathways and plan the necessary steps to achieve their career aspirations. They will also acquire workplace readiness skills and develop sound values and a positive work ethic. Top performing students can also look forward to participating in scholarship events, personal development workshops and exclusive work attachment programmes.

In IJC, we have teachers who are sector consultants. Our sector consultants organise activities and publicise events to provide opportunities for students to gain exposure and in-depth knowledge about these career sectors. Through this, we hope to be able to provide our student with more career choices and let them see the relevance of what they are studying now and the work in these career sectors. Currently, we have sector consultants for the following career sectors:

1. Engineering
2. Healthcare
3. Social Services
4. Media and Communications (English and Mother Tongue)
5. Health and Fitness

IJC also has an MOE ECG Counsellor, Ms Loretta Foo attached to the school. She will be in college every Tuesday in the ECG Counselling room to provide group/individual ECG counselling to students who need advice in ECG related matters. Students who wish to book an appointment with her can book a session here.

IJC ECG Programme Vision and Mission


Confident and well-informed students who are able to make good education and career decisions. 


To provide a structured and sector specific education and career guidance programme for all our students to enable them to make informed decisions and choices that will prepare them for a future career that best suits their interest and capacities. 

IJC ECG Key features 

1. ECG Civics Lessons 
2. Education and Career Guidance Day 
3. Talks by Universities and Industry Professionals 
4. Alumni Sharing Sessions 
5. Internship/Work Attachment Programmes 
6. Learning Journeys/University Programmes 
7. ECG Corner in Libraria 
8. Career Sector Consultants 
9. Overseas University application support 
10. ECG Counselling services