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Dear teachers-in-charge,

Thank you for guiding your students through Voice Up! Challenge 2016!

We have received many good quality submissions this year, with works demonstrating a good mastery of both technical and story-telling skills. Some of the videos also promoted meaningful civic engagement, as there were also several videos which garnered many votes and insightful comments. We hope you and your students have had an ENJOYABLE experience.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following winners for Voice Up! Challenge 2016. All participating schools will also receive certificates of participation, so do kindly check the accuracy of the names in the Voice Up! Registration Acknowledgement email sent to you earlier in the year. We will be sending out the prizes as well as certificates of participation to the respective schools in October and will contact the teachers-in-charge closer to the date.

Teck Whye Primary School
Oh Henna!
Produced by Darrius Lim Shi Peng, Mani Sariga Sri, Lee Yan Ting, Sia Hao Rui & Zhang Huixin

During recess, Alvin was showing off to his friends, John and Sari, the phone he sneaked into school. They saw Henna walked pass and decided to follow her to see what she’s up to. Apparently, Henna always went to her favourite spot during recess to practice her singing. Finding her singing amusing, Alvin wanted to use his phone to video her and upload it on YouTube. John and Sari promptly agreed. In school the next day, everyone teased Henna. Deeply puzzled, she sat alone by herself. Only when her good friend, Henry, told her of the video then she knew what was going on. She immediately went on the internet the moment she got home and saw the video. She was devastated. Having failed to console Henna, Henry decided to inform the school counsellor, Mrs Sandy Tan. Mrs Tan commented on the uploaded video, which made Alvin reflect upon his action. Alvin, John and Sari decided to apologise to Henna through a video posted on YouTube. Although she was upset at what they have done, she was also comforted by the fact that her classmates realised their errors and show remorse.“Empathy is the building block of compassion. Be kind; think before you upload”.
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace
Internet for a Better World
Produced by Azul Naya Acosta, Cheah Mika, Emma Leong Ning Yi & Evie Lu Qin

The video depicts scenes of how internet make our world better. A poem read as a voice over, accompanies the scenes. At the same time, every word of the poem is being displayed. This will appeal to audience's visual and auditory senses as they view the scenes. The congruence of the actions, words displayed and read, emphasize the message that the group wants to highlight. The scenes chosen were carefully discussed and brainstormed by the members. The members ensured that the scenes are relevant to their experiences and are fitting to the poem created, to bring the message of "Internet for a Better World". Members had an enjoyable learning experience brainstorming, discussing, acting and producing the video under the teacher's guidance with assistance of parent volunteer. The learning process has given members a better insight into the topic, giving them opportunities to exercise the virtues of teamwork, enthusiasm and purposefulness.
Punggol Green Primary
Good Deed Deserves a Like
Produced by Vivaan Maken, Phee Jing Xuan, Charlene Poon, Ang Sin Yee & Kuah Kai Yao
Our theme is 'Internet for a Better World'. Our video captures how social media or the internet can showcase more positive moments instead of negative ones. In our video, we highlighted how misunderstanding can happen due to our views or our own personal thinking. The video displayed three good friends who were studying in Punggol Green Primary School. Charlene and Kai Yao had a misunderstanding because he did not lend his money to her to buy a book. Charlene was very upset and bore a grudge against Kai Yao. Sin Yee was able to help them to reconcile as she soon found out the reasons underlying his action of not lending money. It was to help an elderly man who was selling packets of tissue paper, by giving him money instead. Sin Yee took a video of that moment and shared it with her friend, Charlene. They decided to use social media or the internet to spread the word of doing good deeds - helping others in need. The values showed in the video are plenty. We should learn to apologise to your friends when we have done something wrong. We also should not be mad when others do not give you something. We should use the internet positively by writing cheerful words to your friends and family members who are not feeling well, and not writing mean things to anyone.
Greenwood Primary School
Internet Safety is our Responsibility
Produced by Putra Aqid Bin Roslanm, Oung Oung, Kaliraj Sanjana, Aleena Jilse & Gary Wu Yikai
Amanda was surfing the internet when she decided to post a mean comment to Jane. Meanwhile, she clicked on a pop-up ‘free ipad’ message without knowing that a hacker, virus and scammer were baiting her on. Amanda was transformed to the cyber world where she met Superhero Integrity, Respect and Empathy. They lectured her on the importance of good digital manners. Amanda woke up and realised that it was only a dream. She was remorseful and apologised to Jane for hurting her feelings. Amanda learnt that she must practise good netiquette and protect herself from cyber danger.

Yuan Ching Secondary School
Safer Internet
Produced by Dong Qianbo, Charmian Pang RuiQi, Lee Bryan & Muhammad Fahmi B Yusof

This video is about tips and tricks on how to be safe on the internet/social media. It shows you the steps taken to be cybersafe.
Maris Stella High School
Internet-ional Initiative
Produced by Yong Jun Royston Lim, Ryan Warwick Han, Louis Ming Gin Ng, Jeremy Lin & Zhang Jun Low

Jeremy and Zhang Jun are the best of friends.Despite Zhang Jun coming from a less fortunate family, Jeremy shares what he has and the two make the most out of it. However, things turn for the worst when Zhang Jun is struck with a financial crisis and a life-threatening illness. Jeremy decides to take matters into his own hands , which leads to a huge discovery that the power of unity and not only could the internet save his friend but also contribute to society as well.
Christ Church Secondary School
Face It
Produced by Shaik Dawood Shameem Ahamed, Ng Song Yi, San Luis Elijah Calip, R B Aravinnth & Celine Joy Gan Jing Hsia
Jordon is a boy who frequently feels embarrassed by his father. Embarrassment causes frustration, and his way of expressing them is through his own social media. Worsening relationships, selfish acts, distancing himself from everyone else, how is he going to solve and face them on his own?
School of Science and Technology
More than 'Like'
Produced by Muhammad Harith B Samri, Chia Peng Han Wayne, Teo Meng Jun Zavier & Koh Zhen Haw 
Clicktivism is the use of social media and other online methods to promote a cause. It is the use of digital media for facilitating social change and activism. Social media platforms have a very broad reach to people of all walks of life around the globe, and is the most efficient way of sharing information. Like any ordinary teenager, Harith is an active Internet user. He gets his daily dose of news and what’s happening around the world through the Internet and social media platforms. As Harith discovers, he has the power to do more with the Internet; not just by clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook. Harith galvanises his peers to do something that benefits society by posting a message on Facebook. He and his friends take time off during the school holidays to become volunteers to distribute food hampers to the needy. The video encourages viewers to think if they can do more on the Internet. The message conveyed is that the Internet can be a powerful tool to make the world a better place if it is used for a good cause. As much as it is about spreading awareness, it should be more about influencing others to take real action that matters.