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Dear participants,

We have received many good quality submissions this year, with works demonstrating a good mastery of both technical and story-telling skills. Some of the videos also promoted meaningful civic engagement, as there were also several videos which garnered many votes and insightful comments. We hope you and your team members have had an experience that promoted civic engagement and a participatory culture.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following winners for Voice Up! Challenge 2015. 

Teck Whye Primary School
Diary of a Cyberbully
Produced by Xavier Wong Yong Jun, Tan Feng Hui Carissa, Charmine Ling Wen Xuan, Nur Dinie Binte Md Fahme & Low Zhi Yi

Ruby does not like school and hates most of her classmates. One of them is the popular Mary, whom she is extremely jealous of. She decides to diminish her popularity through a social networking site called Facebook. By creating a fake account in Mary’s name, Ruby impersonates Mary and sends unpleasant messages to Mary’s friends. In class the next day, everyone ignores Mary and keeps a distance from her. Puzzled and upset, Mary sits alone by herself during recess time. Seeing her scheme has succeeded, Ruby is thrilled and shares this ‘good’ news with her only friend Angel. Ruby expects Angel to congratulate her for this fine achievement but the latter’s disapproving expression suggests otherwise… Finally, Ruby logs on to Facebook again. This time however, she posts a message to Mary and other classmates in her own name, apologising for her mistake. She is relieved when her classmates responded with kindness and affirmation of her effort to make amends. “Don’t be a cyberbully. Be an angel who guides others to make the Internet a safe space for all".
Hougang Primary School
Let's Positive-It-Forward!
Produced by Dylon Koh Seng Hong, Peck Cheng Xun Eugene, Girish Srinivasa & Heng Zheng Lin Dylan

Making negative remarks about people online is called cyberbullying. Always think twice about making negative remarks because it can ruin another person’s day. The other person might feel angry, leading to enmity between both parties or he could end up feeling depressed. A word of advice, do not add strangers on social media or chat with them. Our video “Let's Positive-It-Forward!” shows how a person’s attitude towards others can affect another person’s life. When Piggy logged into his “Pooglam” social media account, he started chatting with a new friend, Wolfiehatesyou. However, he did not expect Wolfiehatesyou to make negative remarks about the photo that he has posted online. He did not do anything bad to Wolfiehatesyou and thought, “Why me? What have I done wrong?” He felt the whole world collapsing upon him. The next day, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Wolfiehatesyou said and felt very sad about it. Luckily, when he went online, he found a friend, Angelinashell. She told him that negativity is bad and Piggy should not be affected by Wolfiehatesyou. Then, she decided to help him by reporting Wolfiehatesyou to the Admin. In the end, Wolfiehatesyou got banned. Piggy thanked Angelinashell and wanted to repay her. However, Angelinashall told Piggy to simply “Positive-it-forward” by helping others who are suffering from negativity from people like Wolfiehatesyou. Piggy decides to pay it forward and spreads positivity online to make that difference. 
St. Anthony's Canossian Primary School
Look Ahead
Produced by Khalisah Binte Shari, Nur Hana Bte Abdul Wahid, Sherie Lian Zi Zhen & Nurqistina Nabilah Binte Azman
The story is a cautionary tale of what happens when someone is too attached to their phone. The protagonist goes through a journey showing the consequences of her addiction to her phone. However, our video focuses on the negative aspects more than positive and leaves viewers with more of a choice rather than a clear decision or side to pick. We aim to create a film that invokes thought out of either youths or people our age. The depressing atmosphere is supposed to evoke a reaction to either follow the protagonist’s mistakes or avoid them, generally leaning towards one side. Overall, we want to give youths a different view of how addiction can affect our lives.
Rosyth School
We Can Make a Difference
Produced by Lim Gek Woo Cera, Hong Wan Jing, Dominique Teo, Tay Jia Xuan & Cherlyn Lee 

In our dramatic fiction, we explain how a young woman can make a huge change to the society. This is because if we help others, we can make a contribution to the society by helping others be happier. We made the video in the form of a news report/talk show not only because we wanted it to be different and unique, but also because it can convey our message that we want to bring forward in the best possible way. We want to express the importance of compassion in youths. Every single person is born with a heart, where kindness should be present in. Helping strangers may be slightly frightening at first, but it really matters in many people’s lives. As our school theme for this year says, “We are part of something larger.” This statement is especially true for Singaporeans in present day, where it’s perceived to be every man for himself. We have put in lots of effort in this video, so we hope you choose our video as the winning entry.

Christ Church Secondary School
Boon and Curse
Produced by Le Hai Son, James Ong Zi Yang, Loo Chuan Xu, Tracy Lee Wan Xia & Kho Quan Le

In light of the theme, ""Positivity Online"", our team is zooming in to re-tell a true story of Quan Le, a fellow student who had fallen prey into the hands of gaming addiction which had an adverse effect on his life. Our team recognises and personally believes that the internet is slowly slipping into a larger portion of our lives. From smart phones to laptops, from gaming to social media. The internet has become increasingly accessible and from what we witness in school, teenagers are easy preys of online addiction. Therefore, we will be portraying the effects and problems of internet addiction based on Quan Le's experience with gaming addiction in the video. We hope that through his eyes, you gain an invaluable insight on his path and take back valuable lessons. Thank you, we wish you well.
Ngee Ann Secondary School
Cyberbullying Hurts!
Ian Sin, Shreekari Maruvada, Brenna Tey, Yeh Ming Hui & Mierin Taniajura

This video focuses on cyber-bullying which is affecting users of the social media. The act of irresponsible users have impacted the lives of some who have taken drastic measures, such as ending their lives. Some continue to suffer in silence. This has to be stopped. Ignorance is not bliss. The video is simply about a bully who consistently picks on this one girl through social media. The victim does not stand up for herself until she receives a nice comment from a kind netizen. The caption 'But it's truly your choice to change' is directed towards victims to tell them that they have an option to either change or continue the chain of cyberbullying. In this scenario, the victim chose to change and helped another victim of cyberbullying. The end message is that everyone should join forces to stop those who are misusing the social media platform and work together to spread positivity online.
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School
Youth Can Make A Difference
Produced by Elizabeth Lee, Tang Yan Jun Antoinette, Angela Tan Jia Yi & Laura Lee Yin
Our project is on Youth Change. We came up with the idea of making notes and motivational cards in order to show appreciation and brighten someone’s Monday, with Monday being the most gloomy and tiring day of the week. We introduced the process in a television program called ‘ Youth Change’. The host, Laura, featured the video in a segment of the program as an example of Good Samaritan acts by the students of Paya Lebar Methodist girls’ school. The preparation process was shown, following the execution of the plan wherein the cards were given out to random students and teachers and capturing their reactions, in which all of them replied gratefully with a smile on their faces.
Crescent Girls' School
Live the Moment Leave the Phone
Produced by Dhirana Sundaram, Tan Ching Ying, Radhakrishnan Suwetha, May Pune Maung Maung & Chia Lin Xuan Reine
Nowadays, we see many youths and even adults seemingly glued to their smartphones in public. It is a very common sight to see commuters using their phones incessantly while walking on the road, travelling on buses and trains and even while eating. Maybe a bigger concern is that people are using their smartphones even when gathered as a family or group of friends, often indulging in their own online activities while ignoring what is right in front of them! There have been an infinite number of campaigns to get members of the public to put down their phones during the situations where social communications are required, thus we feel that we can contribute to remind these people as it is hard to overcome our habits. Our group hence thought of making a video to show, how ridiculous and irritating it is to miss out on many interesting facets of daily life while looking down at one’s smartphone and engaging in his or her online activities all the time. We want to highlight to our audience that if we actually be more attentive and conscious to look up and look around, there are a lot of things out there that we can realize, discover, learn and even connect with the most simplest things such as our family and friends. In order to do this, we have made an animation clip of a youth member of society who while looking down at her smartphone, misses out on fascinating things around her. For example, when there are $50 notes flying all over, due to her negligence, she failed to notice them! Not just that, she also misses out on important and interesting elements such as moving out with her family and going out with her friends. This is all because she is indulged in her online activities and does not bother to concentrate and failed to take notice of her daily life. To find out what other situations our protagonist will be put in and the lesson she has learnt through the tough experiences, watch our clip to find out more!