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Dear teachers-in-charge, 

Thank you for guiding your students through Voice Up! Challenge 2013/2014! 

We have received many good quality submissions this year, with works demonstrating a good mastery of both technical and story-telling skills. Some of the videos also promoted meaningful civic engagement, as there were also several videos which garnered many votes. We hope you and your students have had an experience that promoted civic engagement and a participatory culture. 

While many of the submissions were high quality, there were a few entries of outstanding quality. Therefore, here are the winners for Voice Up! Challenge 2013/2014.

North Spring Primary School
Choose Life! Choose Healthy Living!
Produced by Irwin Chee, Lim Kelson, Kwek Zhe Hao, Ryan Chin & Keith Ang Ming Wei

The highlight of this video is on healthy living. Our main character, Darren, is a boy who faces pressure from his parents and classmates for his studies. In one of the scene, he felt pressurized to do well for his mid-year examinations. As a result, he indulged in junk food which gave him the momentarily satisfaction but does not solve his problem. In fact, he gained weight and was often teased by his classmates. As a result of his constant binge-eating, he was not fit and even got injured one day during his PE lesson. Fortunately, he had kind and caring classmates who observed that he was actually not doing well. They showed him care and concerned and even offered him suggestions on how to handle and manage stress and his emotions. Suggestions offered to him included eating healthily, taking up exercising and seeking help from friends when needed. Finally, through perseverance and resilience, he overcame his challenges with support from his friends.
Ai Tong School
The 4 Cybero
Produced by Basil Goh, Daron Oh, Zachary Tan, Phua Jian Le & Caleb Ng
This animation is about 4 dynamic learners from Ai Tong School called Xiao Ai, Xiao Tong, Xiao Cheng and Xiao Yi. They were on the stage to give a talk on cyber-wellness to the whole school. They were doing so as the pupils in the school were not aware of cyber-wellness. Some pupils were bullied by their classmates and other schoolmates on the internet. Therefore they presented a video to the school on cyber-wellness.
Pioneer Primary School
Stay Safe Online
Produced by Low Zhi Yi, Oh Boon Jean, Fortich Mae Angela Pateno, Javier Teo Yang Hui & Aini Izzati Bte M. Zain

2 sisters are doing their online homework. Angela gets bored of doing school work and proceeds on to play an online game. During that time, their mother comes over to check on them. The mother then advises Aini to keep a distance from the laptop screen, in order not to strain her eyes. She also advises Angela to continue her homework. After mother leaves, Angela continues to play online game. At that moment, she receives an email stating that she has won a prize. Her sister advises her not to click open the email. But Angela shuns her warning and proceeds on to click open the email. After that Angela realises that the email has infected her laptop with virus. Aini tells her that Angela should have listened to her warning. She suggested that they seek help from their mother. This video will help the users to stay safe online.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School
Memorable Internet Experience Starts With You
Produced by Lo Huifen Ferne, Chan Share Yearn, Shafiqah Bte Salil, Lee Yoo Jin & Sohn Eun Soo

The importance of Internet safety and cyber wellness have been well emphasized across all age groups through the media as well as in organizations and schools. Usually these messages aim at protecting people from the dangers in the online world such as phlishing, love scams, viruses etc. Although the internet is a platform that allows for people to have freedom to post their views, we felt that there is also a need to educate people on what is safe to post, what they should refrain from posting and how they can set rules or boundaries for themselves. Most people generally have some form of basic understanding of the importance of being aware about what they post, but what they don’t do is, practice what they preach, resulting in many problems arising online. Through this video, we hope to educate people on the importance of being fully aware of the responses or backlash that they can expect to face, when they post insensitive content or what may seem to them, innocent thoughts which might be interpreted differently and which may unintentionally cause an uproar resulting in making them ‘internet famous’ in a negative way.
New Town Secondary School
Living Happy and Healthy Years
Produced by Gan Jing Xi Alison, Syifa Rushda Bte Shodikin, Shaun Chiong Shi Heng, Alaguraj Abbie Roshan & Tok Chuen Qing
This animation depicts the importance of family bonding and taking care of our health. The father works every day and has been neglecting his own health and his family members. Every weekends, rather than spending time with his family, he sleeps. This upsets his family members. One Sunday while working, he is experiencing gastric pain. This is because he has not been eating regular meals daily. He rushed to a restaurant, to get something to eat. He took the menu to see what they got to offer for the Sunday special. To his surprise what he saw on the menu was really a Sunday special meal of the day. The menu stated the ingredients to live happy & healthy. That reminds the father to spend more time with the family. The father has awakened from his unbalanced work life, and knows that he should be spending his weekends with his family instead of working nonstop. He rushed home and starts spending quality time with his family by going for outings and meals together. They even donate to the needy as helping others makes them happy. Everyone in the family seems to be much happier than before, after the family bonding. There the father realised that health and happiness are more important than anything else.