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VIA: Olympic Day Run Marathon Helper

The programme is about a marathon where it promotes the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship. Our CCA is in-charge of being the marathon helpers and ensuring the safety of the people participating in the marathon. We have all learnt to be more cautious of our surroundings and pay more attention to other people. In order to do that we must be focus on our task and not be distracted, thus this led us learn that we must stay on task and this can be applied to our daily lives where we must be focus on the more important task rather than the trivial matters that does not affect us. The event have foster closer bond in the CCA as we get to know more of each other and participated in the event together. We have also made a lot of friends during the event such as the event organizers and the other volunteers. This made us realize the value of friendship which is one of the Olympic values. This value of friendship is very important in life as we need friends in our life. We have also learn to be more resilient as we have to stand for a long hour under the hot sun. In life we have to be resilient as well in our academics so as to be able to achieve good results. In conclusion, this meaningful and enjoyable event have not only taught us the values of friendship, resilient and responsible, we have also foster strong friendship among each other in our CCA and we are looking forward to another similar meaningful and yet enjoyable VIA.

Contibuted by Shooting CCA from Innova JC.