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President Challenge 2014

It was a great learning experience and a very valuable one as well. For the 5 days that we tried to sell the items to raise funds for the president’s challenge event. It was definitely not easy to raise $500 which was the targeted fund to raise. Not only did we managed to raise the allocated amount to raise but we also managed to raise another $500 more! It was a very encouraging and amazing to see that students and teachers are willing to donate to charity organizations and that they actually do care for the needy.

At first when we first planned this event, we were worried that the amount raised would be insufficient and was contemplating on adding a few more fundraising activities. However, the outcome came about to be different where we managed to raise 2x more the targeted funds to raise.

The start of the fund-raising event was very pressurizing and tough as we had to travel around to ask if they had wanted to buy the items to be sold. It was not easy at first but as soon as we reached our targeted fund to raise, we worked even harder to sell the items as the extra profits could be even more beneficial for the needy! Therefore I feel very glad to have this opportunity and would like to take part in this event more.

From 1432A