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NKF Patient Monthly Event

Through our CG VIA, our class get to bond even more with one another and gain valuable experience from it. We worked with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to help them carry out their Patient Monthly Event; dedicated for dialysis patients to help them better integrate back into our society and also to help bring them joy through their journey. We got to interact with some of the patients, mingle around with them and also got to know some of their personal stories. Prior to the event, we helped to prepare things such as sandwiches for the patients, registering process, assisting patients with mobility difficulties and ushering. During the event itself, we liven up the atmosphere by cheering with pong-pongs and some of us performed on the stage. We also danced along to Flamenco, a Spanish dance during the event. Through this event, we learnt some values such as a sense of compassion and teamwork within the class. We also learnt that we should always be responsible for our health because our health is precious. From this experience, we can always apply whatever we learnt from this event to our daily life from projects in schools to helping out the society in the near future. We look forward for another valuable experience in the future to contribute meaningfully to the society.

Muhammad Mirza B Mohamed Erwan, 1412F, Innova Junior College