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chaNgE PACER Fund Raising for President Train Challenge 2014

This project was conducted to raise funds for 63 beneficiaries in the President Heart Train Challenge 2014 whereby the objective of this was to promote kindness and aspire others to show appreciation and empathy towards other people. The Fundraising event included the sale of Cactus, Personalized badges, and the taking of Polaroid pictures. Being part of the organizing team, I realised that this event that had been planned required a lot of hard work. Before the sales began, I had promoted it together with another team mate during morning assembly and discussed with my teacher in charge regarding the designs of the badges and the cost and profit margin of the items. During the sale of a week, all the Pacers were employed to do their duty on the respective days at the allocated time slot. I think what we have learnt together as one is that, If we first have the heart to serve with sincerity and passion, the positive vibe we have can influence others to serve the community with us. The response we had received from the masses was shocking but we were thankful and proud that Innovians have big hearts. This event has also developed a sense of responsibility in us and compassion. Responsibility comes from being responsible for the items that we have with us, and to report to our duties promptly and to take charge of the situation properly. Compassion comes from getting more inspired to serve the community when our friends come to our booth to render their support for our good cause. Integrity was also what we learnt especially those who were the daily treasurer who had to be accountable for the money collected on that day. All this can be applied in our daily life as simple as being responsible to do your tutorials, compassionate enough about your studies and to be honest during your examinations. Most importantly, we have all realised that A small effort we make would make a difference to somebody else’s life.

Contributed by Nabilah Bte Mohamed Razalie, chaNgE.PACER Council, Innova JuniorCollege