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Sec_12 Maris Stella High School

406 votes
The theme of our video is “Be Discerning”. In the video, the events take place in a school where a teacher had recently left for other purposes. His mentee, deeply affected by his mentor’s departure from the school, helps to carry a box of his mentor’s last belongings from his office cubicle down to his car where he would then return it to his mentor soon. In the midst of this, a student chances upon the mentee misinterprets the action as the mentee leaving the school. He posts a picture of the mentee carrying the box immediately on social media, with a caption “Mr. Seah is leaving school!” which then spreads like wildfire to everyone in the school via various social media platforms. The following days after this, when the mentee walks around the school, he is greeted by gossip along the corridors by students, to his confusion of why it is so. He ignores all the gossip and enters his next class only to be greeted with yet more gossip. Perplexed, confused and hurt, he leaves the classroom without saying a word. He eventually decides to leave the school as he can no longer take the gossiping for which he does not understand why he is receiving. The next day, after an investigation by the Principal himself, two students are called in to meet him in person in his office. The principal tells the students about how a rumour was started about the mentee leaving the school, which led to the gossip by all of the school, impacting the mentee deeply.
The student who started the rumour, confused, asks the principal about the dejected mentee carrying the box of belongings. The principal then explains that it was misunderstanding and that the mentee was just helping his mentor carry his stuff. The principal afterwards gets the students to reflect on their actions and tells them to be discerning and prevent the spread of such fake news in the future. The students bow their head in embarrassment and shame as they learn a new lesson, “Be Discerning.”

Anonymous: I think the video is good in how they portray the effects of fake news and exaggerated media can have on a person.
Junink: It taught me how to be discerning.
Benjamin Lai: To me, the video engages me on a personal level as nowadays social media is expanding, and there is a rise in the number of fake news online. Before we spread such news, we should always take a moment to think whether the such news are actually true or not. Kudos for highlighting this issue in the video!
Nelson Tan: I think this video has a very important message to us, which is to not believe everything you hear or see. Instead, we should carry out research to see whether something is reliable or not. Furthermore, this video has also taught me to think before acting, because rash acts can lead to an undesirable outcome.
Xander Goh: A nicely planned out video that we can all learn from. It touches on sensitive topics that some of us can relate to. Through this forms a sense of understanding that we students would start to develop. In the future, students will learn to be more sensitive towards their peers forming a more harmonious Singapore in which everyone appreciates and cares for one another.
Lim Yu Han: This video is a very well made video that portrays the effect of false news and the reciprocation. By using the example by the teacher Mr Seah, students in the school and the use of social media, it helped to relate the topic to our students' lives and make the video's message more impactful.
Geogger: Story line is clear and concise. Message is direct. Filming and editing techniques are impressive! WELL DONE!
ShadowKing: Really engaging and insightful and brings about a different perspective to some simple things.
Anonymous: I believe that the video portrays the common issue of misinformation accurately. With the rise in Social Media, information is able to go around at an extremely fast rate as demonstrated in the video, I hence feel that this issue is definitely worth voicing out. While the concept of the idea may be simple, it still gets the message across and has made me understand the weight of our actions. Hopefully this video will help influence others to think before they act as what might seem small at first can turn into something big later. This video has certainly expressed the theme "Be discerning" very well. Keep it up!
A Person: This shows the power of Social Media and the consequences of doing actions before thinking. Nice.
Lim: A good video as it highlighted how fake news spread via social media can cause anxiety and stress on the victim. People's attention are getting shorter, so the narrative, the script, the problem to solve and character design make the video effective to convey the message, i,e, the negative impact of fake news that went viral on social media.
Joakim: Good video that teaches us to be discerning.
Js: This video teaches us on how to see and understand things first before telling everyone else something that might be wrong.I have learnt how to be more discerning.

Sec_17 Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

94 votes
The rise of the Internet and the ease of accessing it have made the world globally connected with a mouse click. Finding information, transferring money to your loved ones, purchasing items at great prices and even widening your social circle has never been easier. We all have that one friend who bought a beautiful piece of clothing at an amazing price or have heard of a touching love story born online. All these achieved with just a few clicks through our digitally-connected world. With so much news of people having pleasant experiences online, we too want a pleasant feel from our online experience. But such conveniences and ease also lay a threat. There are those out there who are biding their time and waiting for the right victim to scam. As there is no paper trail, scammers are getting bolder as they prey on the kindness and insecurities of their victims. The number of people falling victim to scams involving the digital transfers of money are increasing.

As digitally inclined people, do we completely back off from online transactions? Or should we be ready to ask a few more questions before deciding to confirm any form of online payment? What then should we ask and how do we verify to be certain that it is not a scam?

Yang Zhizhong: Very interesting. I think I can use it to educate my kids.
Mrs Ilango: Both videos are useful for everyone. Awareness about online shopping and money transfer to unknown person. It is very useful message for all. thanks. All the best for our students.
NL: The video has good intent and content. If it can be summarised in slightly shorter, not too lengthy will be better to draw attention.
Toni Lim: The narrator is kind of hilarious.
Seck SH: The atmosphere is lighthearted and the background music compliments it appropriately.
Yoohenthran: Excellent Video... Good Job.
Melvin Tan: Looking at the statistics of the amount of money being cheated from these scams are really alarming. While I used to think people who are scammed are naive to give away their money, now I understand that under duress, fear and greed, we will easily fall prey to scammers unless we are more discerning.
Rani: An informative video that all can easily associate with. Message is clear and effective to alert one of scams online. Well done!
Irene Heng: This video certainly brings awareness and attention of the current situation happening around us! It's a timely warning for us to stay vigilant at all times and not fall as prey to scammers. Good production by the team!
Loo Hui Fong: Good video to introduce to young children.
Z: Good video on sharing about the awareness.
Alan Heah: Don't lose your good sense. Emotion plays a large part in blinding us to scams.

Sec_19 Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

82 votes
Kenji feels frustrated that his brother, Ivan, keeps using his belongings such as his shoes and bicycle. Rather than get into an argument with Ivan, he looks for replacements so that both of them will have their own items. Knowing that he can find good deals online, Kenji starts browsing online shopping sites. Soon he comes across a good deal, and gets in touch with the seller. Agreeing on the price and mode of delivery, the deal is sealed. Kenji feeling ecstatic on finding such a good deal, continues looking for other items to replace those taken by Ivan. He closes deal after deal, feeling excited after each deal believing he has found a steal.
Days pass, Kenji is still waiting for the delivery of items. He tries getting in touch with the sellers but to no avail. Finally an item arrives, but it is nothing like what was described or shown on the site. This hits Kenji hard as reality sinks in that he was cheated. Soon another seller replies and asks him for money as the item is being held by customs. Desperate to receive the item, Kenji agrees to pay the extra sum. As time goes by, there are no other deliveries and no other replies from the sellers. Reality comes crashing down on Kenji. The deals were too good to be true.
Online shopping is on the rage now with a variety of shopping sites for new and pre-used items. Low prices are always an attraction for would-be buyers. Scammers are aware of this too and often use low prices to lure their victims in. As would-be buyers, are we able to verify the authenticity of sellers and their items on offer? Are there tell-tale signs to look out for before we commit to making a purchase?

This is quite a comical take on an important message on online cheats that are out there. Video is not too heavy but brings out the message clearly. Well done, team!

Jia Le:

I strongly support this video and it links to the society nowadays and is excellent in teaching us about the scam and how to prevent it. Moreover it enhances my knowledge of scam and widen my thoughts when I teach my student about the scam. In society, scamming is becoming more often than other crime. To learn more about the prevention, I recommend people to vote this. Yang Zhizhong: Nice video. The actor is very cute :)
Seck SH: This can really happen in real life as many young people will go for such good deals available online. They can be easy targets as they lack experience in life and are willing to pay to get what they want.
Lawrence: In this light-hearted satire, script conveniently pushed the point of unsupervised e-buying of kids as the mainstream method of scamming. Some of the plots seem more relevant to adults rather than kids, i.e. like paying more to pass the customs.
Alan Heah: Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. Online shopping should be as carefully done, as how we budget for our purchases every day, compare prices, evaluate the trustworthiness of businesses and sellers, etc. Let all of us hopefully not have to suffer through Kenji's kind of ordeal.
Brandon: Thanks to the team for such a light-hearted video and being able to convey a clear message of the reality and consequences of online scams :)

Sec_26 Greenridge Secondary School

169 votes
This video is about a boy named Gawayne who got into trouble because of a picture he posted online. The picture of him was reposted somewhere by someone called the MemeMaster and it quickly went viral. Soon, his whole school knew about the picture and that led him into depression. Teachers and friends tried to help control the situation but it was Gawayne who only had control of the whole situation. As time passes, Gawayne then realises that not everything should be posted online.

The video shows how teenagers should practise a discerning eye when they post something online. Careless acts like this can backfire when you least expect it. That is why ‘sifting out the diamond out of the junk’ is necessary especially in this modern era.

The process of filming the video has taught us resilience, teamwork and responsibility. We learn not to give up and to cooperate with each other too. Through this video, we hope to educate the viewers to be more careful with the use of social media.

Patrick: This really looks like some drama on TV! So many personnel involved! Hope you guys win it!

Sec_27 Greenridge Secondary School

91 votes
This short video talks about hashtags and how teenagers use hashtags to create a positive online community. If hashtags are used in the wrong contexts, it may be detrimental to another person. But, if hashtags are used in the right contexts, they can encourage others to drop bad habits, or encourage others to have a healthier lifestyle.

In this video-clip, Carla asks Jun Feng about hashtags and whether he knows about how to use them and how they can spread positivity in online communities such as Twitter and Facebook.
When Jun Feng does not understand, Carla teaches him how to use hashtags positively on social media through stop motion. Jun Feng learns that hashtags can help stop cyber bullying, encourage healthy living and many more positive things.Jun Feng wants to know if Greenridgeans knows how to use them positively online, For example how hashtags can help stop cyber bullying. So they go around the school library to interview some students to know whether they know how to use hashtags positively on social media.They interview three students and most of them know what they are used for and are able to explain how cyber bullying can be stopped via hashtags on social media platforms. Jun Feng understands how to use hashtags properly in a way not to harm others unintentionally and to create more of a positive online community.

The video’s main idea is to build a positive online community through the use of hashtags in social media. While doing the video, we hope the audience has learnt how to create a positive online community with the use of hashtags in social media. We aim to stop cyber bullying and encourage healthy living amongst youths through the effective use of hashtags in stop motion film.

Sec_31 New Town Secondary School

529 votes
Building a positive online community can go beyond reactionary measures of managing unruly behavior online. Our group believes that a proactive approach of leveraging on social media's networking capabilities to rally like-minded people together to do good, can be equally meaningful.

In the short film, we see how interactions over social networking sites varied when normality was challenged by the haze that shrouded Singapore. While many chose to reinforce the negativity online seeking approvals for their complains, some like our protagonist chose to look past personal sufferings and made use of the social media to broadcast an alternative point of view to challenge the norm.

What transpired from the protagonist's attempt to inspire empathy through social media becomes a heartwarming tale celebrating the merits and efficacy positive online communities can have toward creating social changes.

Tiffany Tan: Great hard work!!! Great video!!! Keep it up!!!!😏
BEN PLACK: This is a decent video, I learnt how to care for others.
Muhd Izwan: Excellent editing! Social Media can be a great way to spread positive act!
ALVIN THARM: This is one of the better skits I have seen, it is very meaningful.
Benjamin Tay: I learned that social media can be used not only for our leisure but to help the community both online and offline.
Charlotte Ng: This video was awesome. I like how they take a bad scenario of the haze and make it into a good example for everyone. I learnt that social media will help us if we utilize it properly.
WILLIAM CHAN: This video really enlightens me that social media can be used to do nice stuff.
Ambergrils Chong: They used social media for good uses. I find that very useful.
Junyu: The moral of the story during the video is showed very well and it did not felt forced at all, the comedy was definitely there and it was extremely entertaining.
Jeffrey Ang: I like this video a lot. This video shows people helping others, not something you would see everyday.
Russell: Good video with a good moral to the story. It was really compelling and interesting video that really caught my attention. They managed to use social media to good use and even applied it to the recent haze situation. The editing was good and the actors showed good character development. Nice video!
Robin Chan: I like this video, awesome work! Keep it up! :)
ALVIN ADOLF: This video really encourages me to do something nice to others.
Adam Lim: Great job! Love the effects and the scenery of every scene.
Krito: Very helpful and informative video, keep up the good work :)
XU RAY: Acting skills are awesome, it teaches me to do kind things.
BENJAMIN LEUAR: This really tells me the message that we should be resourceful and be kind to others. Their acting skills are just amazing, same goes for the story.
Junyu: The moral of the story during the video is showed very well and it did not felt forced at all, the comedy was definitely there and it was extremely entertaining.
Yatti: Good video. Well done!
Ganesh: All the best. Keep it up.
Jignyasa: Nice Video. Good work!
Christine: This is the best video. Well done.
Ivan: This video is very meaningful. It teaches us the haze preventive measure and helping people. I like it very much. Its VERY GOOD. 😊 😁😉

Sec_38 CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School

239 votes
In this video, we wanted to convey the importance of being discerning and how one is able to do that. Firstly, it is understood that the internet has brought many conveniences to the world. However, there are also others who use it to their own advantage, such as fraud. There are also many examples of scams but in this video, we chose to only bring up two main types --- online shopping and fake news. To support our views, we sourced two real world examples that came up in the news. Besides, although most people are aware that there is such a thing as online scams, they do not know how the spot the tell-tale signs. Hence, to educate others watching this, we also included tips on how to spot fake news and scams. Through our video, we hope to be able to spread the importance of being discerning- and how.

In this video, we wanted to convey the importance of being discerning and how one is able to do that. Firstly, it is understood that the internet has brought many conveniences to the world. However, there are also others who use it to their own advantage, such as fraud. There are also many examples of scams but in this video, we chose to only bring up two main types --- online shopping and fake news. To support our views, we sourced two real world examples that came up in the news. Besides, although most people are aware that there is such a thing as online scams, they do not know how the spot the tell-tale signs. Hence, to educate others watching this, we also included tips on how to spot fake news and scams. Through our video, we hope to be able to spread the importance of being discerning- and how.

Toni Lim: The video is very good and very professional.
NL: Incredible video! Impressive, very informative and well delivered the message.
Ida Tan: This video is very effective in communicating the theme. Love the animation. Well done Team 38 !
Neo Tiong Wee: A nicely done video that is effective in bringing across the message of Being Discerning - Why and How. Thumbs up for a great job and all the best!
Ivy Tan: Very educational video on the importance of being discerning when using the internet! Enjoyed watching it, good job!
Ahmad Dahlan: Good and clear presentation. It provides helpful tips to prevent us from getting scam. Important thing is Don't rush into buying good bargain stuff. Always think twice first.
Stephen Tan: Internet users need to be discerning especially with so many online scams and fake news these days. This is a very educational video about being discerning. Well done!
Diana Lee: Very informative video clip. It doesn't just educate viewers on the prevalence of online scams and fake news, but gives helpful tips on how to spot them. Two thumbs up!!
Ariel Neo: This video is very interesting. The message is clearly put across. And the narration is very clear.
Ainsley Neo: The information presented is very helpful. It is also quite entertaining and the cartoons used were very cute and it brings the message clearly across.
Lim Siew Yuen: Good one on the use of the Northern Light example to show how people are trapped by the scarcity phenomenon! Very engaging video that managed to squeeze much content in. Love it!
Amy Foo: This video is very informative. The content on how to be discerning when going online is indeed useful and easy to understand.
Kwee Swat An: A nicely done up video! Well done girls!
Ms Tay: Very educational. Good!
Jasmine: Great job guys!! All the best 💗
Alicia How: Creative, informative and concise.
Yewfei: Awesome visuals and great narratives! Very professionally done.
Jeff: I think that this video was inspiring!! Keep up the good work.
Chloe Ong: Great video! It is filled with so much information. Really learned about the online scam cases and how people can be more discerning :-)
Kay Wong: Wow! Such impressive infographics/annimation. Very well thought out line of argument too.
Irene Tan: Online scams and fake news are so prevalent these days. With internet users getting younger and younger, we really need to teach our young what to look out for and how to spot online scams and fake news. This video will be a good educational video for students as it is easy to understand and very informative. Kudos to the girls and well done!
Reuben Tan: I like this video's creative use of animation to bring out the message of why we need to be discerning and how we can be discerning so as not to fall prey to online scams and fake news. I enjoyed watching it.
Fairus Adam: Kudos on the great video. Well-thought off and the message was clear. Good job to the actors for a great performance.
Neo Kai Ling: Creative use of animation. The message is clear and easy to understand. Will serve as a good educational video for students. Good job!

Sec_40 Nan Hua High School

250 votes
A young girl chances upon a game that allows her insights into the minds of characters in a bullying scenario. The game walks her through each “character”, and she realises that there are certain choices you can make to affect people.
Portrayed through an online video game, what will she ultimately choose?

Sec_60 Canberra Secondary School

208 votes
This video showcases about the comparison between the real and the cyber world amongst youths today. This is depicted through the few scenarios in the video. Through this video, we hope to educate the masses the importance of practising caution when using internet and how our actions can influence or impact the people around us.
For the first scenario, in the real world, there is an argument erupted at the study area between 2 girls. Another girl tries to break-up the fight while another girl is calling the authority about the incident. On the other hand, in the cyber world, an internet user reading a series of post, a heated argument in an internet forum. The user is deciding whether she is going to do something about the argument she reads in the forum. For the second scenario, in the real world, in a public library, a person leaves her wallet (with cash showing) on the table to go to the bathroom. A person at the adjacent table looks over and notice the wallet (suspicious look). In comparison to the cyber world, a student is working on a project using a school computer. When she is done using the computer he just turn off the computer without logging off from his google account. Thankfully she remembered and went back to log off. For the last scenario, in the real world, at the tuition centre, a student accidentally trip over his leg and fell on the ground. Everyone who witnessed the whole incident begin to laugh and pointing fingers on him. In comparison to the cyber world, a girl is witnessing a person being bullied or attacked on a Facebook post and she clicked the "like" button.

Aloysius Lim: Very well thought concept and the way it is portrayed in the point on how this can happen to anyone that is out in public. I think that the information will. It's would be helpful to the people that are either suffering from cyber bullying or should like to help/prevent these situations from happening.
Adalric Ker Zhen Xing: They use simple words to explain the do's and don'ts of a person action in cyber space and I truly understand whatever they had said. Well done to this group!!👏👏
Heryani: I like the idea that we should live our life based on our principles and values and there should not be any double standards. Good job!
Chee Lee Ching: steady camera and clear shot. Well done!
Angeline Lim: Good storyline.. Truly reflected the real life.. Well done!!
Nurnaimi Najat: A very good video! The video clearly shows the theme that they are doing also the camera angles and the audio. For example the video does not have any background noise.
NL: The narrator could be clearly articulated in delivering stronger message.
Jackie: Positive attitude and spreading love during glowing up is the best spirit!
Reagan: Good acting! Keep it up!!
Tpy: It's a good video because one can learn a lot from cyberbullying . Society is fuss up with non-benecial things instead they can't see the real world. Gd video , jiayou canberra!😉
Daphne Lim: Interesting comparison between real and virtual world. Scenarios screened are very realistic and reflects what many people gone through.
Well done! 👍👍👍👍👍

Andy Yip: The video is not bad and it has great acting.
Michael Lim: Lively comparison made on cyber security aspect, it's so real and yet educational.
Camera views are sharp and capture with good background and lighting control.
This video also highlighting few practical approach that could be considered for audience to appreciate, a thumb up production! 👍🏼
Syafiq: This video is awesome!
Priscilla: It has many good shots and angle!!
Heymanth: I love the fact that they use good comparison and by doing that they show how important cyber wellness is and how it reflects in real life. ITS AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! 😁😁👍👍ps: Cheyenne's acting is on point👍
Soh Jianke: Video delivers strong messages. Amazing camera angles. Clear subtitles. Great editing!
Aloysius Yam: It's such an amazing video and I love how they show awareness of cyber wellness in the video. There are also subtitles which allows us to get a clearer idea or the video. The voice over also help viewers to understand the video better as well. Really good job and keep it up!! Good choice of actors :)
Yenteng: Good concept, great acting skills for all the actors and the whole video turned out great👍
Balaji: An amazing video that has different types of shots and angles that beautifies the video and also there is an good form of message that gives tips in cyberbullying.
Neeza: Overall this video has a good story concept and to me reflects the topic well.
Kong Sem Yee: Very meaningful and creative!
Video quality is not bad!😎😎😎☺☺

Vivian: Amazing video and great acting :)
Zerolimits: Enjoyable content. I can see the effort put into the video, and a message can be put across to the viewers that view this video.
Cheryl: The video has very good acting skills and the actor express the expression in a very natural way.
Scott: The video shows us the importance about cyber wellness and tells us what we can do and not to do in those kind of situations. We can also learn quite a lot of things about the video such as what we can do about the situation if it's really very bad. Overall the video is fantastic and I really can't help but think about the video Everyday as I for one had been through this type of situation.
Jolin Toh: Interesting, like the video a lot, keep it up 💪
Jeroymummy: Well explained. Cyberbully is an abuse. Everyone plays a part to stop it.
LEROY JENKINS: Good job guys. Keep it up!
Woo Zhong Hui: I really enjoyed the video a lot! Thank you for creating a video that much more people have to see, indeed it is important to practice cyber wellness.
Thomson: Great camera filming, good story line and overall just a great video to spare the awareness.
Faris: This is video is really great! Keep it up!!👍
Justine Haqeem: The acting is genuine and shows a very strong message in a simple short film. Recommended!
Fairus Adam: Great acting by the students. Great message shared. The video is well-executed. Good job to everyone.
Justine Haqeem: The acting is genuine and shows a very strong message in a simple short film. Recommended!

Sec_61 Canberra Secondary School

180 votes
We all love spending time on Cyberspace. However, we need to remember to use the internet wisely. To be a positive influence on the web, you can Spread the Smile, Spread the Kindness, Spread the Love and Spread the Joy on Cyberspace.
First, we have a girl who just saw a happy quote on Social Media. Feeling happy, she decided to send the quote to her friends to make other people smile. Next, we have a girl who saw a kindness video while scrolling through the web. Touched by it, she decided to share the video with her friends. Lastly, we have an elated girl who worked diligently for the recent examination. That paid off as she did extremely well in the examination! She decided to spread her good news with her friends on Social Media. COMMENTS Adrienne: GREAT editing!!! Lol Gordon 'dem shots😅
Janine Alexis: Really well done, conveys its message perfectly and easy to understand. The scenes were also very smooth. Nice job :)