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Primary School category

Pri_01 Wellington Primary School

120 votes
There was this boy, Edmund, was using his computer in class browsing Facebook to check on his status and also chatted with his friend in there. He suddenly felt the urge to go to the washroom so he left his computer unattended. Along came another guy, Adias, who went to Edmund’s computer and decided to write nasty stuff to the friend he was chatting with. Adias then ran away from the scene and Edmund came back, shocked to see the chat history that he did not write which made his friend in Facebook unfriended him. He was devastated. So this scenario was re-winded 1 hour back to the moment where he had to leave to go to the washroom. Edmund decided to log off his account and went on his way. When Adias came and tried to do something to his account, he was not able to as the account was log off. So Adias decided to ran away.

Moral of the story is: Always protect your online identity as it contains confidential information and once leak it will affect you. COMMENTS Mr Fairus: Good job Wellington Primary School. Creative video😍😍😍

Pri_02 Pioneer Primary School

192 votes
This video is to depict a possible scenario where someone could be taken for a ride in the hope of realising their materialistic wish. In this video, Emily chanced upon a website that offered an iPhone for free. She was stopped and advised by a friend but Emily refused to listen. Then, another friend came up to her who eventually convinced her since more than a person had said a similar view.
This video ends with tips by the team to advise the public on such scams. Possible consequences are also shared throughout the end of the video. This is to show that public needs to work hand in hand to stop these scams. Webscams are rampant and that instance could be one of the tricks executed by a syndicate to cheat people out of their money.
The approach taken for this video is not too much of an elaborate role play to depict the topic but to use the 4 team members taking turns to advise public. To discern is to distinguish and weigh the choices given. To hear from 4 different people although each of them speaks in the same context but to go round and round the camera is also to show that continuous efforts and reminders are necessary to stop such scams. The background chosen to do this scene is also on IT messages to further reinforce that IT can act as a good tool but also a destructive one if people are not careful and able to discern well. COMMENTS Praventhika: NICE AND INTERESTING VIDEO. Krishna: It was a very interesting video.

Pri_07 Greenwood Primary School

31 votes
CNN is a cyber news network which seeks to educate children on how they can become discerning and responsible internet users. In this latest episode, it raises the awareness of the prevalence of fake news and cyber scams on the internet. It highlights that deliberate misinformation spread via online social media has escalated like in the recent hoax on the collapsed roof at Punggol Waterway Terraces where even adults are being fooled. Children who are often too trusting can be easily misled by fake news and they are also an easy target for cyber scammers to phish personal information for misuse. Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy that children need to know to protect themselves and be responsible for their online behaviour before they become the next victim.
Very informative and hilarious! We certainly need to watch out for fake news that is easily generated nowadays. These fake news can range from harmless pranks to dangerous distractions. Always verify with multiple and/or offline sources whenever possible. Guan Jia Rong: Mervyn is right. We have to watch out for fake news or else we might get hacked by hackers in the internet.😉 Jia Rong: We should keep our information away from scams,hackers and other people who look suspicious in the internet. We cannot afford to accept money 💰 They are out there trying to harm you. Angie Hor: This video is very funny and at the same time helps us in the understanding of cyber wellness. Maegan: This video is very interesting! Please watch and support!

Pri_11 Teck Whye Primary School

561 votes

Having missed out on getting tickets for an upcoming BTS concert, an upset Mary was getting desperate. Her friend advised her to visit Carousell, an online marketplace, to try her luck. True enough, she managed to find an ad, by the username of momo1234, selling exactly what she wanted. However, her eagerness to get the tickets had clouded Mary’s judgement as she missed out on some suspicious details during the transaction. Her tickets never arrived. Momo1234 claimed the items must have been lost in the mail, which frankly Mary had no way of verifying whether it’s true or not. She checked momo1234’s history and came across quite a number of negative feedbacks. Through contacting this person gina4eva, Mary found out that a similar plight had befallen on her too. Realizing that she might have been scammed, Mary approached her sister who suggested gathering as much information from others who have dealt with momo1234. If they had similar experiences, then Mary had a case and could report to the police. Momo1234 was eventually captured. What showed a profile photo of a girl turned out to be a guy instead. This highlights how easy it is to fake one’s identity and information online if one has the intention to scam. It is important for us to be discerning when dealing online especially when something looks too good to be true.


Phyu Hnin Thant:
I like how this video is based on real life events that could happen any time. It teaches us to be careful of what we buy online.
Jason: Very nice. Almost like a movie. Jason: This video is actually nice. I can relate to it. Wang li: Very good video. Yip Mun Yee: This video is very interesting! Sze Yee: Awesome video! Keep up the good work! Wong SY: Great team effort, excellent! Janice: There are dangers in online shopping platforms. We should only make payment when we receive the items. If the deal is too good to be true, then it most probably is, don't fall for it.
Jun hui: The best.

Pri_12 Casuarina Primary School

11 votes
This video explores the two important aspects of being discerning while online. Firstly, we must know when and where to login and logout our online accounts appropriately. As shown in the first scene, if we are not aware and careful, other people, even friends, can misuse our accounts for undesirable purposes. Secondly, we should not easily believe the advertisements that popped up online as they usually 'fish' for personal information as shown in the second video. They can then use our personal information for criminal activities.

Pri_13 Rosyth School

271 votes
We are going to tell a story of a student and her friend who almost got scammed by a hacker. Nowadays, there are many cases of scams and many people have fallen victim to them. Rachael was also a victim of an email scam. She had given personal information to the scammers and this resulted in bad consequences. She had to delete her email account and her paypal account, after these accounts were hacked because of the scam mail.

The internet is a very dangerous place. You never know who is behind the computer and what they can do to you. After hearing Rachael’s story, Kendra heed her advice by not clicking on the link, which saved her from getting scammed. Take Kendra and Rachael as an example. Be discerning when opening unknown emails, and save yourself from clickbaits. This video will provide awareness on spams and scams and it will tell the audience to be careful when dealing with unknown links sent by unknown senders. Even with a well-known company, dangers are lurking in every part of the internet. COMMENTS Hanifa: 
Scams are something that Singaporean lacks awareness. I was nearly scammed when I wanted to buy products in the internet but was stopped at Singpost and told to reconsider if this is a scam.

A simple message from another Singaporean or a friend means a lot..
I reflected and walked away and did not purchase those items.

Simple but real message... 
Michael: A clear and timely reminder of our vulnerability to internet scams, if we relax our guard even for a moment! 👍 KP: Well done Rosyth for showing the real dangers of phishing. Personal information should be protected and not be transmitted through emails which are prone to hacking. Gen: Great Video! It seeks to remind us that hackers may disguise themselves as reputable companies or even the local government in e-mails embedded with malicious links to trick us into divulging sensitive information. Betsy Pang: A simple message which everyone who uses the computer can relate to. Many a time, the scam message looks very real and genuine, therefore heed their advice not to click on links or attachments if you are unsure. Siek Ah Choo: Very useful to highlight to users, especially with a simple message to "update" one's information/account. But consequences could be detrimental with that one click! Mahalakshmi: The video is nice and interesting. Joey: A meaningful video to all. It is becoming a common gimmick that scammers using renowned companies to guise their true intention to get personal information from victims. Good job!

Pri_19 Sengkang Primary School

221 votes
An online scam is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It presents itself in our daily lives without us knowing. Nothing is better as the video presents various encounters as we explore what these scams seek to do and think critically how we can protect ourselves from harm. A free fun-loving quiz or a lure to get me to reveal my personal information? Registering for a free account or signing up for more than meets the eye? An official email or a suspicious phishing email? Getting technical support or going in to be extorted? The characters finally come together to reflect upon the outcome of their decisions and how the scams reveal the wolf within. Let us be aware, ask and alert when dealing with cyber scams. COMMENTS Kwan See Ling: 
This video is a fantastic reminder to internet users to always be cautious when accessing online material. Thank you for your efforts in creating this video. Great effort! :)
Adeline: It is a timely reminder to be vigilant when we are looking at the online content.
Sharon: This video was created brilliantly. The scenarios brought out were to the point. It catches our attention that we need to constantly be aware and alert of such scams. The solutions suggested were practical. Always seek advice when in doubt. Well done!

Pri_21 Punggol Green Primary School

27 votes
One of our group members, Sui You, had been scammed online before. She was playing an online game when she was asked to give her password to another player. After giving her password, she got logged out of the game and could not log back in.

She told us her story and we thought it was a good fit for the theme, Be Discerning. We came up with the storyboard and discussed how to show audiences her experience. We went to the school library to film some of the scenes as we felt it looked very much like a bedroom.

We hope the the video would educate others on how to be discerning and not fall prey to online scammers. COMMENTS Charis Tay: Lee Wee, I like how you can change from a student to a princess. Hope your team can get more votes. Wish you guys good luck.

Pri_22 Punggol Green Primary School

400 votes

Our group consist of 3 students, Charlene, Charis and Vanessa. First of all, to get started, we brainstorm on the topic that was given according to the competition criteria. Amongst the two topics, we choose to focus on Positive Online Communities. We were taught on how to create a storyboard so that we are able to get the angle of shooting right for each scene. So we started planning on what kind of story that we want to portray to the audiences.  We came to a conclusion of coming out with a title “Online Heroine”.  “Online Heroine” is the title for this video because the video tells about a story of a girl who is in need of help for her exam studies and seeks help through online. Her friends (Charlene and Vanessa) then came across her Facebook post which she posted asking for help.  They left some comments and one of them decided to help the girl out and the story goes on from there.

We got the idea of using Facebook as a platform of social media, spreading positive message that social media has a positive side for students like us. We started creating a storyboard to allow us to get the angle of the camera when we want to shoot. So we started drawing out the storyboard and the synopsis for the story so that we are able to refer to the storyline. After the creation of the storyboard, we started the video right away since we already know the angles that we should shoot. After several takes, we encounter some problems due to the fact that we have shortage of man power however we managed to give it in a positive light and complete it as quickly as possible.

The video shows primary students' perspective about cyber safety in their real life! Good job! Kayson Ang:
good job, hope you get more votes. Farah: I like how the students bring awareness to viewers. Good Job! Charis Tay: I like how the story goes. It is interesting and nice, I hope my team will win. Good job guys, at least we try our very best. Elaine: Positive and rightful thinking with the peer support is the strongest influence to encourage students. Reflect well in this era that learning is not restricted in classroom or school. Well done! Good job! Evelyn: Loving how this team shows that social media can have their positive effect if people practice good social etiquette. Kudos! Ng Jia Xuan: I love it very much. It is very nice.

Pri_23 Punggol Green Primary School

38 votes

Eashan wanted to go online to play his favourite game only to find that he could not log in to his account. When he think back, he recalled that he had revealed his password to someone just to get a free upgrade to his account. This video is based on a true story of one of the members' folly to give his password to someone online. It allows the viewers to laugh at Eashan's folly but at the same time, think through and provide some tips on how to be discerning online.