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About Read Up!


Expand your horizons in social, national or environmental issues through Read Up! The interesting reads you will find here will trigger your thoughts and expose you to the various perspectives on current issues. You can use the learning gained from the readings and submit a reflection on Voice Up! with reference to the article.



Perspectives on Singapore’ History

In recent months, Singapore’s history during the tumultuous years of merger, separation and independence in the 1960s has once again come under the spotlight.

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Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay Area, a 360ha of reclaimed land development was designed to seamlessly extend Singapore's downtown district and further support the city-state's continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia

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Sample Essay

Q: The future is grey for the elderly in Singapore. What is your view?

In the recent General Elections, many social issues and bread-and-butter problems were brought up and debated on in the many press conferences and rallies held by political parties, the ruling party and the opposition alike.

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