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Digital Literacy Badge Programme

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About the programme

Organised in collaboration with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the Media Literacy Council (MLC), the Digital Literacy Badge Programme seeks to promote a range of cyber wellness learning and engagement amongst students. This programme is designed for students to develop and become safe, respectful and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), by charting their progress from a cyber-savvy netizen to a cyber wellness advocate:

1.  Empower youths to be more socially-aware and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships 

2.   Reflect on and respond to community issues, as an informed and mature advocate 

3.   Promote the exchange of good student-led practices in cyber wellness advocacy

Currently, this programme is open to students from secondary and tertiary institutions in Singapore. Participants who successfully submit the required documentation of their student-led advocacy efforts will receive a certificate, a Cyber Wellness Ambassadors’ Badge and have their works showcased on the youthchaNgE 3.0 website.

Cyber Wellness Ambassadors’ Badge (individual or team award)

      • Is there a cyber wellness issue in your youth community that you would like to address? Would you like to give a talk, design a lesson or run a campaign to positively influence others?
      • This is your chance! Talk to your teachers about your ideas! Form teams with your friends if you need more ideas.
      • Be recognised for your effort by sharing your ideas with the viewers of youthchaNgE 3.0, where good project ideas will be showcased. Selected projects may also be shared via IMDA and MLC online platforms.
      • Be sure to include a lot of photos of you/your team carrying out the project! You can also include other materials used such as worksheets, instructions or presentation slides used.
      • Please note the rules below before you submit your work to us.
      • Upon successful submission, cyber wellness student ambassadors will receive a badge, certificate and prizes.
      • Schools with successful submissions may also be invited to other digital literacy and citizenship initiatives organised by Innova Junior College, IMDA or MLC.  

How can I participate?

Role of teacher-in-charge

  • The teacher-in-charge may nominate up to a maximum of 10 cyber wellness student advocates (per school) to apply for this badge award in 2017.
  • These students should have played critical roles in conceptualising and implementing the advocacy projects.
  • They may be from the same or different projects.
  • The teacher-in-charge can guide each project team to complete and submit the following:
  • Only advocacy projects implemented from January 2016 will be accepted.

Role of students

  • Students are to document their project planning process, implement the project in their school, before completing the group and individual reflections and submitting the following to their teacher I/C:
    • Compulsory: Project Writeup powerpoint with photos of the event or project (Download template as a powerpoint: http://bit.ly/1m7KGAf)
    • Optional: Other learning materials used that can support the project writeup or facilitate             adoption by others (e.g worksheets, instructions, other presentations slides and samples submitted by campaign participants.)
  • Only advocacy projects implemented from January 2017 will be accepted.

Deadline for submission: 13 Nov 2017 (Mon)

Rules and regulations

        1. Participants must ensure that there is no plagiarism or violation of copyrighted work or the submission will not be accepted
        2. Participants must ensure that their submissions do not violate any laws, statutes or regulations (including without limitation, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, privacy, publicity or other rights) of any relevant parties
        3. Participants must ensure that their submissions do not contain any material which is obscene, harmful, abusive, threatening or defamatory or will expose the organisers to any civil or criminal proceedings.
        4. Innova Junior College and its partners will be entitled to use the materials contained in the submissions, in full or part thereof, to advertise, publicise, in various media of its choosing, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and any other electronic media including but not limited to, the Internet, or for other purposes in a manner it deems fit for the purpose of education.