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YouthchaNgE 3.0 is a social web utility that provides Singapore youth with a voice to raise their views on social, national and environmental issues using new media channels. Here, you can pick up new media skills that allow you to present your messages in appealing ways to garner attention. You can even reach out to other youths who believe in the same social and environmental cause and collaborate with non-profit and charitable organizations for your CIP or COP projects.


What's In The Name?

YouthchaNgE 3.0 hopes to nurture young active citizens by providing an online platform to engage “youth” on a deeper level where they can initiate reflection and discussion on social and environmental issues that are related to Singapore and our relationships with the World. “3.0” refers to the future Web 3.0, an evolution of Web 2.0, which signifies greater connectedness and organisation in the global network of World Wide Web. Hence, youthchaNgE 3.0 represents the technological savvy generation effecting positive “change” to the society and fully espouses the messages behind “National Education”.


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Provide a safe online environment for the students to communicate their understanding of the diverse local and global social and environmental issues.

Complement schools’ community involvement and outreach efforts (e.g CIP and COP) with new media channels to increase the impact and influence.

Provide an avenue forcharitable and social organisations to educate and engage youth in spreading social and environmental messages using new media tools.

Support schools in their effort to inculcate 21st century competencies through online courses on new media skills and literacies.

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