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Photographic Society


The Photographic Society [PS] prides itself as the main anchor in capturing the defining moments of the world around us through artistic and impactful visual storytelling. Members are encouraged to apply their skills and creativity to capture interesting sights within and beyond the college.

The training and activities in this department cover the theories and techniques of digital photography, the different genres of photography, and basic photo editing skills. You will get to participate in photoshoots in various parts of the island, be guided on competitions and cover internal and/or external events, participate in photography competitions, hold internal/external photo exhibitions. These opportunities will allow you to build your own creative portfolio for university admission. In line with our PS motto, “Igniting passion and firing imagination”, members are able to fully express themselves with the creative use of camera techniques and software to produce remarkable pieces of art.

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Film Production Unit


The Film Production Unit [FPU] is where digital filmmaking comes alive. Students that join the FPU can look forward to professional filmmaking courses and numerous activities and competitions to hone their skills. With the support of a wide range of cutting-edge equipment and caring teacher consultants, there are no boundaries as to what FPUnions (yes, that’s what we call ourselves) can create.

Besides basic training and collaborative projects with external parties, FPU students can further develop their competencies through attending other film screening events or be mentored by professionals. 

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Animation Unit


The Animation Unit [AU] is where members specialise in digital 2D or 3D animation. The medium of animation allows your creativity to soar, as  are able to imagine worlds beyond the one we live in and capture phenomena that need not be bound by natural laws. The professional training you will include drawing, storyboarding, design, animation and basic video editing. Members will have opportunities to build a strong portfolio of creative and imaginative works. 

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Interactive Media and Design



As the youngest department, the Interactive Media and Design [iMad] department bridges the arts and the sciences as members engage in making art installations and prototypes using tools like KINECT and Arduinos. This is essentially a Makers’ space where you will get to learn some coding and develop computational thinking skills, which are increasingly helpful in the future workplace. Some of the installations involve the use of the KINECT to detect movements, which will in turn trigger on-screen responses. Members can also learn to made innovative prototypes using arduinos and a range of physical sensors.

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The possibilities of Arduino are infinite and here are sites with instructions for fascinating projects that you may try to adapt.



Cyber Wellness Advocacy

Makers' Academy members also serve the school as Cyber Wellness ambassadors. Each year, members will plan and deliver a cyber wellness civics lesson for the JC1 classes. Those who are keen on developing leadership competencies can plan and run campaigns and conferences for peers within and beyond IJC.

Club Activities

The Makers' Academy EXCO is typically involved in organising club-wide mass meetings, the recruitment drive, and orientation for new members.

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We also take learning journeys out to universities and museums.

Finland Exchange Programme

Every year, IJC and our Finnish partner take turns hosting one another. NMA students undertake productions across two countries, befriend their host friends, and visit key sites in Finland.

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