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Since its inception in 2005, IJC New Media Arts has achieved commendable accolades both locally and overseas and helped students to achieve impressive portfolios for their university admission.
Working on 2-year duration of a pre-university education, IJC New Media Arts will groom you to be:
  • Equipped with New Media Competencies and Literacies, core socio-emotional competencies as well as thinking dispositions of the Habits of Mind
  • Armed with an impressive portfolio suitable for university admission and future career ventures. 

The three major components of this framework are:
1) New Media Arts Programme
Inculcate New Media competencies and literacies, socio-emotional competencies, HOM
2) New Media Arts Portfolio
Components of a good portfolio beneficial for university admission or studies
3) Supporting Structures and Processes
For documentation and support of NMA Programme and portfolio-building, reinforce and promote a quality CCA culture

Understanding the Programme

Understanding the New Media Arts Programme

Built upon the 3 broad principles of cognitive development, character development and leadership the NMA Programme is designed to ultimately develop NMA students into individuals and team players embodying the C2015 student outcomes .


The NMA Programme articulates the key common focus of the Secondary Education Review and Implementation (SERI) Committee and ICT Masterplan 3, which is to provide a targeted and relevant education to prepare our students for the 21st century workplace.

Built upon the core fundamental socio-emotional competencies and thinking dispositions of the Habits of Mind, New Media competencies and literacies are fast becoming essential and important skill sets that students need for navigation, sense-making and innovation in this new media-saturated environment. Hence, they will be emphasized strongly throughout the NMA programme and serve as the integral link between the core competencies and the C2015 student outcomes.

New Media Arts Programme (modified from MOE C2015 Framework)
The various competencies, literacies and dispositions are elaborated as follows:

New Media Competencies

Hard skills that a new media content creator will need to possess. A list of broad categories for the competencies are listed as follows:

• Research and explore ideas, Identify project objectives, Propose a project, Design and plan a project, Develop a project, Manage a project, Interact with client, Promote project or services, Operate tools and equipment, Share knowledge and information.

New Media Literacies

A set of cultural competencies and social skills that young people need in the new media landscape (Jenkins, et al., 2006). They change the focus of literacy from one of individual expression to one of community involvement.

They build on the foundation of traditional literacy, research skills, technical skills, and critical analysis skills taught in the classroom. The 11 New Media Literacies form the building blocks for students’ participation in new media and are listed as follows:

• Play, Performance, Simulation, Appropriation, Multitasking, Distributed cognition, Collective intelligence, Judgement, Transmedia navigation, Networking, Negotiation and Visualisation

Pls refer to http://www.newmedialiteracies.org/the-literacies.php for more details.

Socio-emotional Competencies

The core competencies required for intra and interpersonal effectiveness . They include:

• Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, Relationship management, and Responsible decision-making

Habits of Mind

A collection of 16 thinking dispositions that are skillfully and mindfully employed by characteristically intelligent, successful people when they are confronted with problems. Out of these 16 HOM, the focus will be on:

• Creating, imagining, innovating, Communicating with clarity and precision, Remaining open to continuous learning, Thinking interdependently and Taking responsible risks

Understanding the Portfolio

Understanding the New Media Arts Portfolio

At the end of the 2-year pre-university education, the NMA student should be armed with an impressive portfolio which will give him or her the edge in university admission for media-related courses. It is a culmination of the creative and potent mix of application of New Media Competencies and Literacies.

A basic portfolio of a typical NMA student should comprise the following projects and involvement:

1) Final Year Project

2) Competitions

3) Service-based projects in school and with external organisations

4) National and/or international events

Creating New Media Projects: Pre-production, Production, Post-production

In the process of creating new media projects for the portfolio, New Media Competencies and Literacies will feature strongly in the pre-production, production and post-production stages, as shown: