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Makers' Academy


As the Centre of Excellence for Digital Literacies, Innova Junior College empowers students with a range of digital literacies for the future workplace. Makers' Academy niche CCA and other related programmes offer students the opportunities to pick up skills to experiment, communicate and creation using digital media and technologies. In Makers' Academy, you will get to specialise in one of the four departments: Photographic Society, Film Production Unit, Animation Unit and Interactive Media And Design. 

Experiment, communicate, innovate and lead

Beyond honing their technical skills, the emphasis is on developing novel and adaptive thinkers who adopt a design approach in ensuring that their creations serve the intended outcomes. 

More importantly, you will get to apply these skills in real world contexts as you create meaningful content or interactive prototypes that educate and delight. Our students have collaborated with partners such as Media Literacy Council, CDAC, Ministry of Education and others for digital media productions and events. 

Those who are highly interested in their fields of specialisation and would like to embark on transnational projects to gain a global perspective may get a chance to take part in our Finland Exchange Programme. Those who are keen on leading in digital media literacies can also gain valuable experiences through running national conferences or events for other youth. This is a place for a diverse range of talents. 

Preparing you for university and the future workplace

Makers' Academy student typically graduate with a strong portfolio of competition, college-level and national projects that not only prepare them for related fields of studies, but also demonstrate their workplace competencies such as novel and adaptive thinking, design mindset, digital media literacies and/or computational thinking. Our alumni progress to a range of university courses and some have continued to pursue their passion in digital media by majoring in communications, art and media courses.

The Photographic Society [PS] prides itself as the main anchor in capturing the college's defining moments as well as documenting IJC college life through storytelling with impactful pictures.

The Film Production Unit [FPU] is where digital filmmaking comes alive. 

The Animation Unit [AU] department is where members will be learning tools needed for graphic design and animation.

As the youngest department, the Interactive Media and Design [iMad] department bridges the arts and the sciences as members engage in making art installations and prototypes using tools like KINECT and Arduinos.

Check out the rest of our gallery and programmes to see how we geek out or mess around. Schools or interested partners are also welcome to contact or visit us.