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Makers' Fest

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  • Innova Junior College (IJC), Centre of Excellence for Digital Literacies (DL) wishes to invite you to partner us at our Young Tech Maker Fest 2017. This is an initiative to empower youth who are keen on developing an appreciation for value creation in the world that is increasingly driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). In line with Minister Ng Chee Meng’s call to schools to nurture students with “the instincts and ability to be value-creators.”, IJC seeks to provide the avenue and opportunities for youths to move beyond being consumers of technology, and engage in collaborative value-creation through the use of technology.
  • Young Tech Makers’ Fest thus hopes to be a platform for developing an entrepreneurial and collaborative community of budding tech innovators who possess tech, business and innovation competencies to ideate and develop technological solutions to real-world issues.  Aimed at reaching out to student participants from secondary schools and pre-university institutions, the objectives of the 2017 Young Tech Maker Fest are to:
    • Equip students with competencies for designing and creating technological prototypes which address real-world concerns;
    • Development of entrepreneurial knowledge and the spirit of innovation amongst students;
    • Promote interest in relevant higher education and career fields.
  • Following the successful run of IJC’s inaugural ‘Young Tech Makers’ Fest 2016’, this year’s run will comprise a series of workshops held at Innova Junior College to develop digital innovation literacies in the following areas:
    • Technology competencies such as coding, data analytics, supported by the emphasis on appreciating  how a range of applications address needs and problems in various living contexts;
    • Business knowledge and competencies to develop technological ideas into feasible business models through processes such as product-market fitting, market sizing, and proposal pitching;
    • Innovation competencies through user needs and problems analysis, idea pressure test, and prototyping, broadly anchored on Design Thinking.
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  • In line with the digital innovation literacies outlined above, the planned workshops for this year are as follow:

No. Workshop Date(s) Registration 
1 Workshop Button_1.jpg

Entrepreneurship Skills Training 

Details:12 hour bootcamp in 3 sessions 
             1) Full-day (6 hrs + 1 hr lunch) 
             2) Half-day (3 hrs) 
             3) Half-day (3 hrs)  

Participants will be guided through stages of Design Thinking as they ideate and test their technological prototypes, and learn about the basics of writing and pitching their business proposal. There is a mix of hands-on and theory.   

The session will be conducted by Reactor Singapore.
Session 1: 
13th March (Mon)
9am - 4pm
Lunch will be provided 

Session 2: 
14th March (Tue)
9am - 12pm 

Session 3: 
24th March (Fri)
2.30pm - 5.30pm

Innova Junior College
 Registration closed
2 Workshop Button_2.jpg

Introduction to Python with SenseHat and Raspberry Pi (2nd Run) 
(For Sec 2 - JC students)

Python is a powerful programming language that is used by many tech companies such as Google, Walt Disney and NASA while the SenseHat is an add-on to the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer and comes with a suite of sensors and actuators such as temperature, humidity sensors as well as accelerometers and gyroscopes.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to basic python commands and data structures to access and control the various elements on a SenseHat. Whether it is to be used as a datalogger or even a game console, it is entirely up to you and the possibilities are endless!

The session will be conducted by
Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science (CRADLE).
27th July (Thurs)
2.30pm - 5.30pm

Innova Junior College
Registration closed
3 Workshop Button_2.jpg

Introduction to Cybersecurity
(For Upper Sec - JC students)

With computer technology increasingly pervasive in our daily lives, knowledge of cybersecurity has become increasingly important. This workshop intends to help participants better understand online security in order to protect themselves. The outline of the 4-segment workshop is as follows:

1) Introduction to Networks 
In this section, participants will learn the fundamentals of networking and how a PC/laptop transmit data both within the internet and the intranet. Participants will be introduced to the different types of protocols that are used by the operating system and applications and describe how attackers can exploit these information to their benefit.

2) Ethical Hacking 
Participants will learn about the basics of ethical hacking in this section, before being exposed to the psychology of cyber attackers and how they operate. Participants will get to perform some of the attacks that will be covered. Some of the attacks that will be discussed are denial of service (DOS), password cracking, disrupting wifi networks.

3) Encryption and Hashing
Here, participants will learn what is encryption and how is it being used to throw off attackers from information theft. In general, participants will learn how encryption works and some of the different encryption algorithms used today. They will get to talk about the purpose of hashing and what is the difference between hashing and encryption.

4) Security for Cyber Physical Systems and the Internet of Things
In this final section, participants will be introduced to a cyber physical systems (for example, a water treatment plant) and talk about security of these system(how they are often neglected and how it should be improved). Finally, they will get to discuss the internet of things and how privacy and security should be dealt with when handling such devices.

The session will be conducted by 
iTrust, Centre for Research in Cybersecurity, SUTD.
4th Aug (Fri)
2.30pm - 5.30pm

Innova Junior College
Registration closed
 4 Workshop Button_3.jpg

Digital Making with Micro:Bit
(For Sec 2 - JC students)

Join us in exploring the possibilities of digital making with the micro:bit, a micro-controller purpose-built for education, designed for students to code and create without having to dive deep into programming languages and electronic circuitry. Learn how to create electronics prototypes such as a motion-triggered alarm clock using the micro:bit, a custom breakout board, and simple electronics components.

Laptops, micro:bits and other components will be provided by Innova JC.

The session will be conducted by 
TinkerTanker Pte Ltd.
11th Aug (Fri)
2.30pm - 5.30pm 

Innova Junior College

Registration Button.jpg
Student Participant Registration

  • Schools may register up to 5 student participants for each workshop. The event is complimentary and we hope that schools will register suitable and committed students.
  • A teacher-in-charge is required to facilitate the registration and liaison on the days of the workshop. Registration can be made via the registration button in the table above and the limited spots will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The teacher-in-charge is not required to attend the event with the student participants but may feel free to indicate their interest in the registration form if they wish to observe the sessions.
  • Please note that the confirmed workshop allocation will be made known within 5 working days.  Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms Mindy Wong at 6398 3427 or Mr Lenon Low at 6398 3475, or email us at dl.events@ijc.sg.

Things to note

  • Participants are advised to refrain from bringing valuable items. Loss or damage to personal belongings will not be compensated by the organizer.
  • Equipment will be provided by Innova Junior College and trainers for all workshops. Please exercise care in the use of equipment.