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Digital InSight

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Innova Junior College, Centre of Excellence for Digital Literacies (DL), believes that a critical element for success in Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness education comes with having youth take ownership of influencing their peers positively in cyber wellness issues. This also closely aligned with the MOE Cyber Wellness value of positive peer influence. Building on our experience in this "for students, by students" approach for our school’s Cyber Wellness programmes and in organising national events such as the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors’ Programme (CWSAP Pre-U/Polytechnics/ITEs), we hope to complement the development of student cyber wellness advocates and foster a network of like-minded schools.

Thus, IJC hopes to invite 70-100 Secondary Two to Five students to take part in our Digital InSight programme on 31st May 2018. This programme seeks to complement digital citizenship education in schools by enhancing Cyber Wellness student ambassadors’ facilitation skills and knowledge, thus allowing them to better carry out Cyber Wellness programmes and projects that will positively impact their peers back in their schools.

Event Details

  • Digital InSight comprises a one-day workshop and learning journey on 31st May 2018 with the following objectives:

    1. Providing a platform for Cyber Wellness student ambassadors to share their experiences on facilitating Cyber Wellness lessons or campaigns
    2. Developing participants' facilitation skills with regard to running campaigns/events on core Cyber Wellness issues
    3. Broadening participants' perspective of key Cyber Wellness issues involved in the regulation and maintenance of social media platforms

  • The overall theme of the event will be “Create, connect and share respect”. This is closely aligned to both MOE’s Cyber Wellness Syllabus as well as with IMDA’s recent efforts, with a strong focus on the topic of “Handling Online Content & Behaviour,” specifically pertaining to the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ in recent years. The event will explore the potential ramifications of fake news and disinformation, as well as on strategies to combat this as an individual and as a community. 

  • The event will comprise two distinct segments, a workshop on promoting and facilitating Cyber Wellness issues in the morning, and a learning journey to Google Asia-Pacific HQ in the afternoon.

    • 1) Facilitation Skills WorkshopBuilding on the COE DL’s experience in running student-led Cyber Wellness campaigns, civics lessons and national events, this workshop will be conducted by the IJC Cyber Wellness advocates who will share their experiences and work with participants to develop their facilitation skills. Based on the topic of “Handling Online Content & Behaviour”, participants will be guided on the unpacking of relevant issues “Handling Online Content & Behaviour”, followed by the translation of online videos or real-life cases into deliverables such as learning materials and project plans that could be adapted for campaign booths or civics lessons back in their schools. 

    • 2) Learning JourneyTo deepen the participants’ insights into the ethical and social complexities involved in online interactions and spaces, the afternoon programme will involve a learning journey to Google Asia-Pacific HQ. Given youths’ frequent participation on social media platforms, the parameters within which safe, responsible and meaningful interactions with others and engagement with digital citizenship issues can take place are matters into which they could have greater insights. This is a particularly pertinent topic in this era of “fake news” and “trolling”, and it is hoped that this learning journey proposed as part of the event can provide a perspective – that of a major tech/media company, that the participants rarely consider when it comes to cyber citizenship. 

  • The proposed programme outline is as follows. 

Time Programme
0830 - 0900H Registration
0900 - 0915H Opening Address 
0915 - 1300H Breakout Sessions
1300 - 1400H Lunch 
1400 - 1500H Travel to Google Asia-Pacific HQ 
1500 - 1700H Google Asia-Pacific HQ
1700H  Dismissal 

  • Each school may register up to three teams of 3-5 Secondary Two-Five participants (maximum of 15 student participants).This complimentary event for up to 100 participants includes lunch, snacks, resource materials and one-way transport from Innova Junior College to the Google Asia-Pacific HQ.
  • Schools interested in participating should complete the online registration form (click on the registration button above) by 25 May 2018. Do register early as limited slots are available.
  • The teacher-in-charge from the secondary schools will be required to facilitate the registration and liaison prior to the event and liaison with the parent (should the need arises) on the day of the programme. While the presence of the teacher-in-charge is not compulsory, we strongly encourage the presence of the teacher-in-charge so that they can better support participants in applying what they have learnt back in their respective schools.
  • We ask for your understanding that to minimise the wastage of resources, teachers-in-charge are strongly encouraged to offer the registered spot to another student should any registered student require to withdraw from the event. Please keep us informed as early as possible for withdrawal or replacement cases.
  • Please register by 25 May 2018. Click on the registration button above to register.
  • As lunch and snacks will be provided for the student and teacher participants, please indicate any special dietary requirements in the form above. Participants with medical conditions are advised to bring along their medication with them.
  • Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr Jasper Goh at 63983482, Mr Rendy Liwang at 63983497, or email us at dl.events@ijc.sg.