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Digital Literacies Programme

The Centre of Excellence (Digital Literacies) boasts a forward-looking Digital Literacies programme that seeks to empower youth with the capacities for the future workplace. Given the role of technology as a key driver shaping tech and non-tech industries, it is critical that young leaders of the future possess a macro appreciation of the potential of digital media and smart technologies. More importantly, they need to understand how to race with digital tools and machines.

Adopting a tiered approach catering to the college population and specific groups with different interests and needs, the college prepares Innovians for the 21st century workplace through:
  • A pervasive culture of digital productivity and effective ICT-enabled pedagogies to support teaming.
  • Opportunities to develop digital media communications and digital innovation skills.      
  • Grounding in media literacy, values and safety.     

As a national CoE (Digital Literacies), we work closely with strategic partners such as the Media Development Authority and Media Literacy council in media literacy education. We share our belief in the value of media literacy and ICT-enabled learning through our various national events. Our teachers have also shared at national and international platforms such as iCTLT and Teachers' Conference. Our students have won accolades in competitions and also contributed to the external community through various productions and national events.