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Co-curricular Activities

Our aims:
  • CCA Programme provides students with a platform to discover their interests and talents which helps them to lead a balanced life in their adulthood.
  • Students progressively develop CCA-specific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. 
  • CCA Programme foster social interactions and integration amongst students of diverse backgrounds which deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and responsibility to school, community and nation.


Physical Sports
Visual and Performing Arts
Club and
Track & Field 
English Drama 
Modern Dance 
Musicians‘ Club 
Symphonic Band
Innova Press 
Japanese Cultural Society 
Library Council 
Makers’ Academy* 
Outdoor Adventure Club 
Strategy Club
Students‘ Council* 
chaNgE.PACER Council House Exco
* Niche CCA in Innova Junior College

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Niche CCA

Students' Council

As the foremost student leaders of the college, the Students’ Council plays an integral role in inspiring and uniting the other student leaders of the college in furtherance of a common vision of upholding the IJC United spirit. The highly capable and dynamic team leading the student body is committed in their service to the college by being the representatives of the student body, looking into issues faced by the student body that may need to be surfaced and proposing innovative suggestions to the management.

They shine through various opportunities in spearheading key College’s events such as the JC1 Orientation Programme, the Student Leaders’ Investiture and the Students’ Parliament. Various leadership programmes serve to develop the councillors’ leadership capacity and personal mastery, foster esprit de corps amongst them and to acquire and apply leadership and teambuilding skills in authentic settings.

Opportunities to represent the college in various external events and workshops serve to enhance their leadership potential. The strong sense of purpose in the Students’ Council puts in good stead to continue to innovate and inspire other Innovians as they serve the College with passion and humility.

Makers’ Academy

The Makers’ Academy offers a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in playful experimentation and also real-world projects with external partners such as iMDA, MOE, NUH, CDAC and the Singapore Science Centre. Whether you are exploring a new interest or possible career path, students will get to engage in innovative making and develop critical 21st-century skills that are valuable across all career sectors.  This is a unique club where those interested in design, media arts and engineering meet and create interesting works. Students can choose to develop skills in film-making, photography, 3D animation, app development or prototyping using 3D printing and Arduinos.

As the Centre of Excellence for Digital Literacies, our students also have access to school-wide and national-level leadership opportunities as ambassadors of cyber wellness and digital citizenship.  Makers’ Academy students can get to organise and lead in cyber wellness civics lessons and school campaigns. In the last three years, our highly passionate cyber wellness ambassadors also had the opportunity to organise and facilitate the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme Conference for peers from other junior colleges, polytechnics and Institutes of Technology (ITE).

With a strong portfolio, many Makers’ Academy students have gone on to pursue a wide range of majors in the universities. Some alumni are also pursuing promising careers in design, media arts, communications and engineering. As a young college, we are proud to have our students growing and impacting external communities through the many enriching collaborations with our partners.

Transitions", produced under the mentorship of Mr Kevin Sng and with the equipment provided by Canon Singapore:

Off Beat", collaboratively produced with students from our Finnish partner school