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Character and Citizenship Education


Our Belief

To develop each Innovian to be an effective leader who is a confident person, self-directed learner, active contributor and a concerned citizen.

Our Goals

To provide quality content delivered through sound pedagogies in a stimulating and engaging learning environment to manage student’s learning and transition from O-Level to the next stage of Education.

The CCE Department aims to:

  • Develop a sense of purpose, moral integrity, ethical standards and civic responsibility through enhancing student’s socio-emotional competencies 
  • Create authentic opportunities to build on moral character development and increase the focus on developing performance character
  • Promote the embracing of diversity and foster compassion and student engagement to the communities in need
  • Promote active citizenry in a digital landscape
  • Provide sound education and career guidance to prepare students for the next stage in their life

To achieve these goals, the CCE Department strives to nurture the heart, the head and the hand through the: 
  • CCE Program
  • ECG Program
  • Digital Literacies Program
  • Talent Development Program