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Our Vision


IJC understands the importance of giving due emphasis to academic excellence, while believing that both students and college have the capacity and need for a further emphasis on leadership development and future-readiness. We are guided by the ethical values of Humanity and Integrity, and performance values of Clarity, Agility and Professionalism (HI-CAP). IJC offers a range of development programmes to meet different students needs and adds value across the academic and co-curricular domains. We believe in the progressive development of Innovians, that students ought to have choice, and be involved in decision making.


A forward-looking community of leaders and thinkers 


Develop future-ready leaders and thinkers 



IJC believes that diversity should be embraced in a spirit of compassion towards others 


IJC believes in the need to be guided by our moral compass in all that we do 


IJC believes that clarity of vision, reality and actions will help us to navigate through future complexities 


IJC believes that the ability to adapt quickly and respond effectively to challenges will help us succeed 


IJC believes that to perform our roles better, we must continually seek improvement in our knowledge, skills and attitude