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Student Leadership

Innova JC uses the ARC approach to provide Clarity through Leadership Assignments, Opportunities and Platforms for students to exercise their leadership and capabilities. Reflection and Mentorship to help them improve their leadership competencies and Leadership Courses, Programmes and Training to hone their skills. 

Student leaders from the Students' Council, ChaNgE.PACER Council, House Exco, Sports Houses, CCAs and CG Committees have greater opportunities to collaborate with one another to facilitate major college events such as the JC1 Orientation. Through these student-led college programmes, our student leaders are able to tap on each other's strengths and develop their leadership competencies as they contribute to the student body and the school. There is also a greater focus on goal setting, and a more targeted approach at developing the leadership competencies of students through the utilisation of our IJC Leadership Development Plan. Additionally, our Leaders are mentored by their CCA and Council teachers, providing them closer guidance and engaging them in reflective conversation on their leadership assignments and tasks throughout their leadership journey in IJC.

With direct learning through developmental courses, and indirect learning through the planning and implementation of college programmes whilst monitoring their own development through the Leadership Index. Innovians are well-placed to be effective leaders in our future society.