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Future Readiness


Sector-based Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme

In a world where working in the same industry tor life becomes an increasing rarity and where jobs are lost to technology, we know that Innovians must be equipped with future-ready capacities to adapt to the evolving workplace and digital world. Innovians are guided to understand evolving industries and job functions, and understand skills set they need to meet these changes. Through the sector-based ECG programme, students learn to make well-informed choices regarding further education and their future careers in specific sectors. 

Digital Literacies

Through an emphasis on Digital Literacies (DL) and leveraging on our strengths in New Media and industry partners, we promote a broader engagement with technologies for work and life. We equip Innovians with the competencies to interact with technology for innovation, communication & citizenship and productivity

All Innovians go through an Innova Digital Literacies Academy curriculum to help them acquire the knowledge, values and skills for working with technology. Those with the interest and aptitude progress to more advanced developmental opportunities. At the apex of DL development is the Makers' Academy, where Innovians experiment with cutting edge technologies for communications and innovation. In the context of the Internet of Things, we inculcate an appreciation of the interaction between sensors and actuators through programmes written and develop media skills like photography and filmmaking. In the process, Innovians develop 21st Century work skills that are useful outside the context of technology, such as developing a design mindset, sharpening novel & adaptive thinking and analysing through computational thinking. Click here to find out more.