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2017 NEWS

Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award

Most Inspiring Tamil Language Teacher Award.jpg

IJC's heartiest congratulation to Madam Selvey Manickam for being awarded the Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher in 2017.  

As a Mother Tongue's teacher, Madam Selvey Manickam has the opportunity to impact her students' holistic development, through the teaching of the subject, values, customs and traditions.  In her own words, teaching the Tamil Language has made teaching a meaningful and rewarding career.  In her 25 years in the profession, she has taught primary, secondary and JC students. Every level has posed its own challenges.  Students at different learning stages require different teaching and motivational strategies to inspire them to learn. In her opinion, building strong rapport and bonding with students are key to positively influencing students' academic performances and character building.  

NTU Scholars 2017

NTU Scholars 2017.jpg
Tan Jin Yuan was a student from 1312B. He was from our school's Track and Field team. He has won the Nanyang Scholarship to study Accountancy in NTU in 2017.

Chew Ee Tuck was a student from 1312B. He was from our school's Tennis team. He has won the Nanyang Scholarship to study Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a Second Major in Business in NTU in 2017.

Our first NUS Scholar!

One of our former ISP students, Kok Kian You Alvis from 1412F has won an NUS Merit Scholarship. He is the first student from Innova JC to have done so.

The NUS Scholarships are highly coveted scholarships awarded to high calibre individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, present excellent co-curricular activities records and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities. NUS Scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the NUS community while in NUS and emerge as dynamic global leaders who are capable of effecting a positive change to society after they graduate. There are around 20 - 30 recipients each year.

He will be studying Business Administration (Accountancy) in NUS in 2018.

In Innova JC, Alvis was a member of the Basketball team and the Vice Captain of Aquila. He was a member of the ISP in 2015.

Kudos to our first NUS scholar!